The Daesh Army laid down their arms and enough bloodshed of Muslims

 Twilight News    

 one hour ago
Twilight News / urged the Iraqi army through leaflets dropped by aircraft on the old city of Mosul militants organize Daesh lay down their arms and surrender to preserve their lives and not to shed the blood of Muslims.
The military media cell in a statement to the Twilight News reported that the “psychological detachments of air operations in coordination with the Iraqi Air Force carried out in Mosul, throwing 500 thousand special publication process that includes media citizens, the progress of our armed forces to storm the remaining of the city’s special for them and recommendations.”
According to a publication published by the cell, that “our armed forces Tahtat old Mosul from everywhere it has begun to attack from all sides.”
The publication included a letter addressed to the militants Daesh apparently, “The wisdom and reason require throwing arms and stay in place awaiting the arrival of Iraqi forces. CVA Iraq, the blood of no use Aractha among Muslims.”
And seal the publication, the site on behalf of the commander of the coming campaign, O Nineveh, Lieutenant-General Abdul Amir Yar God, saying, “ruled the mind Ptgamh survival.”
Iraqi forces began at dawn today stormed the old Mosul complex with narrow alleys that military vehicles can not enter the population as well as overcrowding.
Federal Police said earlier today that its troops penetrated the defenses Daesh and advanced 150 meters deep in the area.

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