F ederal police break first and second Daesh the old city of Mosul, the two lines


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(Homeland News) _bgdad

Federal police announced Sunday, breaking the first and second lines of the terrorist gangs Daesh old city in Mosul.


The Federal Police, in a statement received (Homeland News), a copy of it, it “was broken the first line of defense and the second Doaash, and penetrated our 150 m deep in the old city on the one hand white door and destroyed the positions of snipers and heavy machine guns and three-wheeled bomb killed 15 terrorists.”


She added that “federal police units continue to provide healing in the north district to restore the Republican Hospital.” Ended RC-


Media cell war: security forces launched calls for psychological warfare in the old city of Mosul



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(Homeland News) – Baghdad

Launched the leadership of operations coming Aaninoy, Sunday, calls through loudspeakers on the ears of the elements of Daesh terrorist in the old city of Mosul, urging them to surrender themselves to the security forces.

According to media military cell in a statement received by (Homeland News) a copy of it, a copy of it, that “the interest of the leadership of the operations are coming, Nineveh on the safety of citizens and to make way for the elements of gangs of terrorist Daesh to lay down their arms and surrender began (detachments psychological operations) field five days ago before starting to break into the old city launch calls through loudspeakers on the ears of the elements of the terrorist Daesh process. “

She added that “these calls, urging them to surrender themselves to the armed forces have a set of elements Daesh themselves handed over to our security forces and detachments are still psychological field operations continue to broadcast the recommendations and instructions to citizens and guide them to the right steps required of them.” Ended M.j


IMF urges to take advantage of low oil prices

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 Economy News Baghdad: The International Monetary Fund report entitled “If not now, when? Reform of energy prices in the Arab countries”, who reported that the authorities around the world “resorted to regulate energy prices in their countries in order to secure stability during periods of high volatility.”

Note, however, that such measures “led to counterproductive in some cases, as low prices of oil has encouraged excessive consumption of this commodity, and reduced the ability to invest in the energy sector, and reduced energy efficiency and production, and led to the support of the sale of oil prices to compensate for the decline, to below costs import, transport and distribution. ”

The Fund advised in his report contained in the Economic Research Unit Bulletin “Libanais” weekly, the countries of “trying to take advantage of low oil prices currently to adopt the necessary reforms in the sector, due to the convergence of domestic prices and global standards.”

He pointed out that a number of Arab countries “initiated these reforms, as oil-exporting countries raised domestic prices of the commodity.”

The report pointed out that support oil prices in oil-importing Arab countries level “fell from 4.1 percent of GDP in 2013, to 1.9 percent in 2016, coinciding with the contraction of energy subsidies level of its 6.3 percent of GDP in 2013 to 2.9 percent in 2016. ”

In exporting oil Arab countries, a decline in support for oil prices from 5.2 percent of GDP in 2013 a record 2.2 percent in 2016, and the deterioration in energy subsidies from 7 percent to 3.5 percent of GDP in the period mentioned level. ”

Fund Lebanon imported oil and class, between countries, “the least effective in the local power generation.” And monitor “the absence of any medium-term plan in the energy sector or any measures designed to protect the poor.”

He praised the adoption of Lebanon “mechanism based on market prices for the pricing of petroleum products in the country.

Unlike most imported and exported oil Arab countries, which have seen a decline in support of oil and energy prices as a percentage of output levels, the Fund pointed out that support energy prices in Lebanon, the level rose from 5.9 percent of GDP in 2013 to 6.7 percent in 2016. ”


Commander of the anti-terrorism device: Do not separate us from the Mosque of Al-Nouri and a beacon of humpback only less than 1 km


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News said the fight against terrorism, a commander Lieutenant-General Abdul Ghani al-Asadi that he was left on the arrival of anti-terrorism forces Brthlha north and south to the lighthouse of humpback as well as Al-Nouri mosque only a distance of less than one kilometer.
He told a news that ” the pieces of the security of the Federal Police statement and the band 16 in the Iraqi army has made short circuit the front lines drawn with her.”
Asadi also described the progress of the battle of “good”, while pointing out that “provide security in the old pieces of the region is keen on the lives of civilians who said they have begun displacement towards healing and shy Zndjeli warned.”
He said al – Asadi eliminate the terrorists in Mosul old as “will mark the end of Daesh terrorist gangs in Nineveh , ” he said, adding that elements Daesh currently fighting fiercely in the last battle for them against the security cuts that are currently advancing in the region. ”
Penetrated anti – terrorism forces inside al – Faruq neighborhood It is one of the most important neighborhoods in the old city of Mosul , where Ayman includes inside the archaeological area hours after the storming of the area today morning Alohd.anthy


  Jawdat: penetrating deep into our units, the old city on the one hand white door



Jawdat: penetrating deep into our units, the old city on the one hand white door

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BAGHDAD / Press tomorrow:
announced federal police chief, team Raed Shakir Jawdat, said on Sunday that cuts federal police move into the depth of the old city on the one hand white door.
Said Jawdat in a statement received “Tomorrow ‘s Press,” that “cuts federal police roll 100 m deep in the old city on the one hand white door under rocket bombardment targeted defenses Aldoaash.”

Locked pieces of federal police, violent battles in the old city right side of the city of Mosul, in order to liberate them from the control of the terrorist Daesh for the purpose of the final declaration of victory and the expulsion of the elements of the terrorist organization of the territory of the province of Nineveh.