Foreign Kurdistan Peshmerga will remain in the liberated areas in agreement with Baghdad

History of edits:: 2017/6/18 20:10

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} confirmed the Foreign Minister of the Kurdistan region, Falah Mustafa, the Peshmerga forces will remain in the liberated areas, according to the agreement between the Federal Government and the Government of the Territory.

Mustafa said in a press briefing that ” the Peshmerga forces will remain in the liberated areas in accordance with the agreements between Erbil and Baghdad, and between Erbil and the US Department of Defense,” he said . “We are committed to these agreements, and the Peshmerga forces will remain in all of the territory of the regions.” 

He added, “We do not have any ambitions outside these areas , ” pointing out that ” the Peshmerga forces did not go to any non – Kurdistani region in the face of gangs Daesh. 

And hold the referendum on Mount Sinjar, said a vote on independence in Mount Sinjar is” the Committee be considered by which will be formed soon to put the final program for the referendum. ” 

He called on the Federal Court to” respect the will of the people of Kurdistan, “noting that” the region presented the idea of a referendum on independence as a way to solve problems, and to spare Iraq and the Kurdistan tragedies and woes. ” 

He said Mustafa,” We want to be there serious dialogue between Erbil and Baghdad on these issues, and we want to be the Referendum is the first step to start a serious and comprehensive dialogue to put all these issues on the table, and we want to be serious negotiations for independence between Erbil and Baghdad. 

Mustafa denied that the reason for the decision of the referendum on the independence of the region is the participation of the Peshmerga forces in the liberation of a lot of Iraqi territory from Daesh terrorist operations. 

The Kurdish parties agreed on June 7 to hold this referendum next September 25 elections on the 6th of November. 

Iran, Turkey and the United States, Russia , the United Nations and Germany had earlier announced its refusal to hold a referendum of independence Krdstan.anthy

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