Commander of the anti-terrorism device: Do not separate us from the Mosque of Al-Nouri and a beacon of humpback only less than 1 km


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News said the fight against terrorism, a commander Lieutenant-General Abdul Ghani al-Asadi that he was left on the arrival of anti-terrorism forces Brthlha north and south to the lighthouse of humpback as well as Al-Nouri mosque only a distance of less than one kilometer.
He told a news that ” the pieces of the security of the Federal Police statement and the band 16 in the Iraqi army has made short circuit the front lines drawn with her.”
Asadi also described the progress of the battle of “good”, while pointing out that “provide security in the old pieces of the region is keen on the lives of civilians who said they have begun displacement towards healing and shy Zndjeli warned.”
He said al – Asadi eliminate the terrorists in Mosul old as “will mark the end of Daesh terrorist gangs in Nineveh , ” he said, adding that elements Daesh currently fighting fiercely in the last battle for them against the security cuts that are currently advancing in the region. ”
Penetrated anti – terrorism forces inside al – Faruq neighborhood It is one of the most important neighborhoods in the old city of Mosul , where Ayman includes inside the archaeological area hours after the storming of the area today morning Alohd.anthy


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