Central Bank: US Treasury praised Iraq measures in the fight against money laundering


Baghdad : 

It announced the bank ‘s central Iraq, Sunday, the Treasury US praised the actions that taken fromby the authorities of the Iraqi anti – laundering money and financing terrorism and impedingdealings Daesh financial in Iraq .

He said the bank ‘s central in a statement news received ” Economy News , ” a copy of it, it is “from within the procedures for verification that conducted by the Office of control of assets offoreign in the Department of Treasury US in coordination with the Bank of Central Iraq to ensure the lack of access funds to the organization Daesh terrorist has the office to include the companyKawthar to mediate financial and owner ( Omar Mahmoud Rahim al – Kubaisi ) , located in spendbased in the province of Anbar, the existing black under the law of the US and so for havingprovided support and funding for the views of the terrorist which Daesh and al – Qaeda . “

He added that it ” has taken measures necessary to prevent them from entering the system offinancial Iraq and the freezing of assets that they own inside Iraq ” , calling on banks , institutions and financial agencies concerned to ” take the measures necessary for not dealing with thoseentities are directly or not directly .”

He noted to the ” Treasury of America praised the actions that taken from by the authorities of Iraq to impede dealings Daesh financial in Iraq, and it is the implementation of a system tightly to combat laundering money and combating the financing of terrorism , which has helped to strengthen the capacity of Iraq to protect its financial from the exploitation of pre – totals terrorist.”



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