Abadi: My visit to Saudi Arabia to discuss common interests .. The elections will be held on time




Abadi: My visit to Saudi Arabia to discuss common interests .. The elections will be held on time


Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page … Subscribe to this Thread … 18-06-2017 01:30 PMThe Euphrates –

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said the Iraqi government refused to intervene in the affairs of neighboring countries and demand the same right to Iraq, adding that he will tour some neighboring countries to discuss common interests.

Abadi said during a meeting with a number of media and political analysts that the origin of the visit to neighboring countries is to renew relations and seek common interests to serve the region to be a point of convergence rather than an arena for conflict and conflict. He added that we set up to achieve in our visit to neighboring countries is to agree on Fighting and combating terrorism in all its forms and types, and it is not necessary to distinguish between these groups and those of the parties at the expense of international affiliations because terrorism is one wherever and under any name. Asserting that the preacher as a terrorist organization did not arise from nothingness and could not control and dominate the capabilities and the territory of a group of countries without there be behind the planned and supportive of the intellectual, material and media

He reiterated that the government does not allow the use of Iraqi territory as a launching pad to attack or attack any neighboring country, especially since the region is dominated by tension in the relations between the neighboring countries and will not be dragged into a policy of axes and polarization in this narrow framework.
Pointing out that the work to find ambitious security, political and economic understandings with the neighboring countries, in particular, which sent positive messages and clear signals to the desire to work together.

He explained that the government’s efforts in its war to eliminate all the terrorist gangs and secure the borders and hold them in such a way that prevents the infiltration of terrorism back into Iraqi territory and help neighboring countries to request it through agreement and coordination with us.

Abadi stressed that the referendum to be held in the Kurdistan region is illegal and is a violation of the Constitution, which guarantees the rights of all, and we are not bound by its results, but that the referendum may harm clearly within the Kurdish and creates crises and challenges within the region negatively reflected on society, and brothers Kurds in that.

Stressing the holding of legislative elections at a fixed time and is not subject to postponement. And that the post-victory phase is development and the elimination of corruption as we spent on the preacher.




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