Messenger: Daesh does not control only one percent of Ayman Mosul but detained civilians

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Baghdad balances News

He said a spokesman for the Joint Special Operations Command in Iraq, Brigadier General Yahya Messenger, that remain under the control of the organization “Daesh”, is estimated at 1% of the right coast area of ​​the city of Mosul.

He explained the Messenger in a press interview with the terrorist organization to detain innocent citizens by force and coercion, and using them as “human shields”.

He added, “through a court plan, will be implemented over the next few days, will break into the rest of the old city of Mosul, the tactic of practice, is intended primarily to take out innocent citizens from these areas, and freed from the grip of the terrorist organization, and the elimination of its elements in the liberated areas.” .

He explained, “The Messenger”, the terrorist organization, barricaded neighborhoods “Mosul,” the old, an ancient densely populated areas, with adjacent buildings, it is difficult for the wheels and armored vehicles to walk in, or storm, “but we are going to adopt in the next stage on the Iraqi ground sectors, trained on the streets of war. ”

Abizaid, “We do not hurry to the intrusion and editing process, what is important is to extract safe citizens from those areas, and then eliminate the elements of the organization, our job editing citizen before the earth, so we are being targeted to preserve the lives of Iraqis, and are committed to the rules of engagement, which would eliminate elements of the organization, the lowest rate of loss of Iraqi lives. ”

And the threat of “Daesh”, targeting the “modern”, west of Baghdad, said a spokesman for the Joint Special Operations Command in Iraq, “We have intelligence efforts to follow the movements of the elements of” Daesh “, and since the days began to advance towards the north of the desert, hand” Haditha Dam “has reached their progress to the depth of the desert, from 20 to 30 km, in some cases. ”

He added that “we were able to target those advanced elements to those areas, and the liquidation of many of them, blow up many safe havens, and stores of weapons by the Iraqi sectors of the heroine, whose goal is the first, is to target elements of the organization, and do not give any chance, exposure to Iraqi forces and citizens in the areas of “Haditha and al-Baghdadi.”

And the role of the international coalition in repelling “Daesh” threats, he said, “The Messenger”, “We have a partnership through the International Alliance, and is coordinated with him in the framework of intelligence sharing, and air strikes, air cover, after giving information by the leadership of joint operations, and are beaten elements of the terrorist organization in those areas, but the biggest is our dependence on the Iraqi air force, and the heroes of the Iraqi army in all sectors, who direct their strikes, and with all the determination, to the elements of the organization, in order to eliminate it. ”

The military source Araca- refused to be named revealed the German Press Agency dpa, the intelligence organization reported “Daesh” an attack on the structure of modern justice, in which Iraqi forces and gunmen holed up clans.

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