Intensification of the screws on “Daesh” in Mosul and its elements fleeing to Syria


GMT 01:22 2017 Sunday, June 18

Arabs today - the tightening of the screws on the "Dahesh" in Mosul and its elements are fleeing to Syria

Organizing a preacher
Baghdad – Arabs today

Tried to organize a “da’ash” , opening a loophole to flee to Syria, after the tightening of the siege and siege in Mosul, especially in the Old City by the Iraqi forces , and announced military and security sources, the expulsion of “Daash” from the neighborhood of Shifa and Bab Sinjar, “In the northern entrance to the city in a move paving the way for the recent confrontation in the province, while the extremist organization, carried out intensive attacks on the federal police forces south of the city, in an attempt to escape through the desert of Mosul.

The Iraqi forces took control of al-Shifaa neighborhood after days of violent confrontations, causing heavy losses and many dozens of civilians were killed by the organization while attempting to flee the neighborhood. Al-Nouri Mosque in the south, to open a gap that will help him escape through the hills of the Buseif to the Mahalib in Tal Afar and from there to Syria.

The distance, according to military experts estimated 120 kilometers to the Syrian border, mostly Sahrawi, is monitored by the international coalition forces on a continuous basis to monitor the movements of the organization, and it is noteworthy that Iraqi military and security sources said that the last “da’ash” attack failed militarily, It is still going through the brick, pedal and pedantic door, where it used various weapons and booby-trapped vehicles, enabling the organization to gain a foothold at the entrances of the fourth bridge, the old bridge and the second bridge in Mosul.


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