Tamimi: Abadi insist on the selection of non-specialized figures to run the Ministry of Finance “corruption” !!

15-06-2017 01:44 PM


Baghdad News –

A member of the Finance Committee parliamentary Majida Tamimi, on Thursday, the insistence of Prime Minister Haider Abadi of his choice for anyone who does not have a certificate in the field of financial and economic leadership of the Ministry of Finance.

She said in a statement that “the Ministry of Finance is the most important ministry in the government cab and requires the head of specialist and be a graduate of the Faculty of Management and Economics exclusively and the holders of higher degrees to be able to develop the reality of the work of the ministry.”

The statement continued, “If we reviewed most of those who led this ministry, we find them far away from the specialization required of them, which reflected negatively on their performance.”

The statement said, “Her previous call to the Prime Minister to be financial institutions outside the scope of party quotas and be a candidate full-time to work in this vital ministry.”

The statement said that “the ministry requires an exceptional leader, especially in light of the critical stage of the country’s financial crisis suffocating, but we find that he insists on the selection of part-time and all of his specialization is far from financial and economic work, that is formality, The ministry is a secondary act. “

Al-Tamimi pointed out that “the decline in the performance of the ministry from bad to worse, has led to the financial position of Iraq since 2003 until the present time incorrectly since the financial commitments (external loans) were not included in the financial status of the Iraqi state as a result of not recorded in the records Accounting and this is the result of the fact that most of the leadership of this ministry do not have the necessary expertise, expertise and competence.

– See more at: http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&hl=en&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=ar&sp=nmt4&tl=en&u=http://www.baghdadnews.info/index.php%3Fpage%3Darticle%26id%3D22470&usg=ALkJrhgMsLPn5ipfEXfGa_xz_VnpgIuKrg#sthash.RISVWOF6.dpuf



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