High Nassif, owner of the “Seven Snai” and Lady “bad fortunes”



High Nassif, owner of the "Seven Snai" and Lady "bad fortunes"

 Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:
Since the entry of high Nassif to political life, which does not hesitate to point fingers to some politicians and indicate their involvement in files of corruption, and constantly seeking to obtain most of the facts that can be convicted of what they believe; but until the moment collide with not taking most of its files or until the referral Those files to the judiciary for verification, to eventually graduate accused that their files fall within the pursuit of personal interests.

Alia Nassif, an Iraqi politician and member of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, was born on January 13, 1963 in Baghdad. She received a BA degree in law and is a member of the Integrity Committee.

Alia Nassif Jassem Mohammed Al-Obaidi, 54 years old, won the 2010 parliamentary elections. In the 2014 elections, she also won a coalition of state law and was famous for her dealings with MP Salman Jumaili, who threw her shoes at him.
After the fall of the regime in 2003, she joined the Iraqi List led by Iyad Allawi and her ongoing disagreements with the latter because she did not nominate a ministry that left work with the Iraqi List and joined the white list.
Since the entry into the political arena, many issues and suspicions have been raised, with the result of a corruption case, by the acquisition of land that was distributed by the former regime to the former officers when they were working in the Real Estate Registration Directorate. However, until now these claims have been rejected and acquitted of these charges And it is merely a conspiracy aimed at obstructing its national path. This position is to take the chances of its bad tower in condemnation of most of the positions it is not in.
The Capricorn woman is keen to overcome the obstacles she encounters and succeed often because of her strong determination, trying to forget the mistakes of the past and do not allow them to block the future and the path to success, and the owner of this tower refuses to work under the command of others and prefer to be the final command, and intervene in matters others, but refuses to in turn share their secrets.
The entry of a serious woman to political forums cost a lot, where Nassif said in one of the television episodes that her work within the political corridors caused her a lot of negative decline in her private life, starting with the charges that led to the issue of personal images belonging to her daughter, which was leaked from the personal phone, as well as her son Hussein, who was awarded the rank of lieutenant to be an officer in the regiment’s protection.
It is known that MP High Nassif used the method of extortion and incitement, in the opening of files according to what he saw television screens and traversed by the excellence of tongue tongue and using the words of prey and evidence of some of the judicial rulings against them, this scene is embodied in the image of the most prominent defects of Capricorn woman of love of possession, And raise the problems and boredom in the hearts of others, and the woman Capricorn famous for chaos and lack of order, especially in the ideas and objectives.
Featuring a woman has serious Banadha in her mind, especially in taking decisions for their work. Sometimes the woman of Capricorn feels hatred and hatred toward others when she sees them enjoying the gains of corruption. This may be because she loves success and diligence, and the best proof of this is that she clings to everything and draws charges for this and that and her ongoing violations against neighboring countries. Iraqi politicians and their hostility to the Kurds, to confirm that it did not address any of the charges except the existence of facts and official information to prove the conviction of all of them Talthm.
This is evident when Naseef also criticizes the calls to arm the tribes and calls for the adaptation of members of the clans in the security services, to confirm that the security services are the most important and the most important. Only those who are entitled to bear arms and perform the task of maintaining security and law enforcement and maintaining the unity and sovereignty of the country, while giving importance to the role of clans as an ethical system that preserves the inherited customs and traditions and protects society from alien concepts and ideas such as extremism, Ha.
She confirms that she is the owner of the seven works but her luck did not succeed to get her goals and endeavors to be a bad distinction, and this situation shows how sad Nassif in one of the political dialogues.
“The budget for any country in the world must be based on achieving justice among the people and ensuring equality of opportunity. This must apply to all Iraqis according to the constitution,” Nassif said in a televised statement. , Regardless of nationality, religion and doctrine, and as they always say they have been revealed by the “irrefutable evidence” of corrupt and their national and sovereign claims.
It seems that the grace of the qualities of her tower has become a curse on her; he always liked evolution and development, and not only did what he achieved but sought the best, all these qualities draws the attention of all around, although she never seeks it, maintaining its humility, and can not To escape the severity of the rules that I learned in the small, which is reflected negatively on them sometimes, and this seems clear through the constant insistence on the accusations of many parties said they were involved in the permissibility of Iraqi blood.


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