Barzani: Kurdistan Region Willing to Build Best Relations with Baghdad


Barzani and British ambassador to Iraq met in Erbil on Thursday

Barzani: Kurdistan Region Willing to Build Best Relations with Baghdad

ERBIL — Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani received on Thursday a British military and diplomatic delegation headed by Frank Baker, the British Ambassador to Iraq.

During the meeting, the political and security situation of Iraq in the post-Islamic State (IS) phase along with the current and future relations between Baghdad and Erbil were discussed by the officials, according to a statement released by Kurdistan Region Presidency.

The pair also touched on the forthcoming referendum on Kurdistan Region’s independence about which the British ambassador said that his country recognises the right of nations to self-determination. However, the UK believes the time is not yet suitable for holding a vote on Kurdistan Region independence, said Baker.

Barzani stressed that the people of Kurdistan Region are wishing to achieve their rights through peace, rather than violence. He reiterated that they are willing to establish the best relations with Baghdad, neighbouring countries and all the countries in the region.


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