Who is “Maher Hammad Johan” in charge of the functions of the Deputy Minister of Finance?



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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} specialty Maher Hammad Johan, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Planning who was assigned Prime Minister Haider Abadi, the functions of the Deputy Minister of Finance, in the restructuring and privatization of the public sector and has a distinct skill in project management {configuration, budget preparation, planning and participation in the design, implementation, direction and follow-up and evaluation}.
It is contagious and resident studies of integrated feasibility with experience in industrial cost management and building evaluation and pricing systems and systems of total quality management, effective marketing, risk and crisis management, aware of the general economy {specialization engineering economy} and the management of human development, particularly in the management of contracts and negotiation skill and arbitration ability to manage working with adaptability and flexibility in handling, learning and development , and fully kept pace with the English teams.
Degrees and affiliations Professional:
he earned Johanne several degrees, including: PhD civilian / projects / Baghdad University Management 2013 Engineering, and a master ‘s degree – Construction Project Management – University of Technology in 2003, and the degree of Bachelor of Civil Engineering – University of Baghdad in 1990, as well as being in a member Iraqi Association of engineers from 1990 degrees {consultant} since 2010.
jurisdiction experience:
2012 to the present time – the Ministry of planning where he was assigned tasks, Undersecretary of the Ministry of planning and technical Affairs {2015 and than} and carry out supervision of the technical and sectoral departments in the ministry of economic policies development Alepesh Yeh international cooperation and regional and local development planning and public investment sectors, as well as on behalf of the Supreme National Commission on Sustainable Development and a range of internal and external committees.
Agent {Johan} assigned also, the functions of the Director General of the Department sectors planning {2015 until October of the year} investment sectors management {industrial, agricultural, transportation, buildings and services} activity follow – up field and feasibility studies in addition to a range of internal and external committees.
He also served as assistant general manager of the revolving planning sectors {2014} supervision of the year, the head of the follow – up and Coordination Section {Follow – up government investment plan in Iraq} develop follow – up projects undertaken by all ministries plan and in all provinces and directed the various reports and follow – up implementation.
From 2008 to 2012 – Ministry of Industry and Minerals – General fraternity company.
Resident and Associate Engineer in the preparation of studies and designs to {administrative and service buildings for the work of the production of gas cylinders, and the buildings and facilities of Power Plant {15} megawatts, and contributor to the preparation of studies and details of the prefabricated buildings for two hundred housing units with implementation.
In 2007 to 2008 , a
consultant in the International Relief and Development Organization Habbaniyah Branch – Baiji Branch Community Stabilization Program, as well as consultant and head of the Department of projects of basic services and infrastructure and thecoach and contributor in the preparation of architectural, construction and sanitary designs and is responsible for the preparation and development of projects andfinancial budgets, implementation and follow – up {works tiling streets and market development and water projects and the delivery of rehabilitation and restoration ofbuildings}.
The informed sources revealed last Monday, Cliff Technical Agent of the Ministry of Planning functions of the agency and the Ministry of Finance.
It is said that, the prime minister agreed on 31 May, on the request of the Minister of Finance Agency, Abdul Razzaq al- Issa {Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research}, relieved from his post {finance minister agency} .bhsp what was announced Esy.anthy


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