Iraqi defense: Syrian military delegation holds talks on border security in Baghdad

By Zuzan Saadoun one hour ago
جانب من الاجتماع الذي عُقد بين المسؤولين العراقيين والسوريين في بغداد بشأن أمن الحدود المشتركة
Part of the meeting between Iraqi and Syrian officials in Baghdad on the security of the common border

Ruudau – Erbil

The Iraqi Defense Ministry announced in a statement on Wednesday that “a high-level Syrian military delegation held talks in Baghdad with his Iraqi counterparts on the security of the common border between the two countries, in the first public visit in years, aimed at coordinating the fight against a calling organization.”

The statement added that “the meeting dealt with a number of vital issues, including the (theater of operations) Iraqi Syrian, considering that the common enemy is the organization of a preacher.”

He pointed out that “the elimination of an advocate requires more cooperation and coordination in the area of ​​intelligence exchange and control of the border by the Iraqi and Syrian security forces, to maintain continued pressure on the terrorist enemy and the establishment of a joint operations center through which coordination between the two sides.”

It is noteworthy that the Syrian army made its way in the southeast of the Syrian desert and reached the Iraqi border, last week, close to the military base Altnf.

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