in a rare public visit .. Syrian delegation in Baghdad to discuss border security

In a rare public visit .. Syrian delegation in Baghdad to discuss border security
2 hours ago

Twilight News Iraqi Defense Ministry / said on Wednesday that a high-level military delegation of Syria held talks in Baghdad with Iraqi counterparts on border security in his first public visit of its kind aimed years ago to coordinate the fight against al-Daesh.

The Syrian army arrived last week to the Iraqi border in a move that could open the way Berri supplies from Iran, an ally of Syria, which is a source of great concern to the United States and its allies in the region.

A statement by the Iraqi Ministry of Defense that the Army Chief of Staff Gen. Gen. Othman al-Ghanemi met on Tuesday, “a high-level delegation” from the Syrian Defense Ministry “to discuss security coordination and cooperation” between the two countries.

The statement added that the meeting dealt with “a number of vital issues, including the Syrian Iraqi theater of operations as a theater and a common enemy represented organized Daesh terrorist.”

He went on saying that “the judiciary (Daesh) requires more cooperation and coordination in the field of intelligence sharing and keeping the border by developing forces, Iraqi and Syrian armies to perpetuate the constant pressure on the terrorist enemy and the establishment of a joint operations center through which coordination between the two sides.”

The statement did not disclose details of members of the Syrian delegation. It said Iraqi military sources said previous visits were conducted by senior Syrian officials were held in secret.

The Chief of Staff of the Iraqi army said the two sides discussed the continued exchange of intelligence information to provide the flexibility of the Iraqi air force bombed targets close to the border and prevent militants from entering from one country to another.

The construction of the Syrian army and factions allied with him their way in the southeast of the Syrian desert and reached the Iraqi border last week, close to the Tanf base where US special forces trained local fighters to fight al-Daesh.



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