$3 billion expected revenues of Iraqi-Syrian border outlet




10:20 AM  ADMIN

Baghdad/ Iraq TradeLink: Iraqi economic expert Abdul Rahman al-Mash-hadani expected that the Iraqi-Syrian international route will provide revenues that will reach three billion dollars annually.

He pointed that this route covered 30% of Iraqi imports, when the trade in Syrian and Jordanian outlets reached to 10 billion dollars annually during the period 2010-2014.

When Da’ish (ISIS) organization controlled these strategic outlets, the trade turned to be through Iran and Turkey.

On the other hand, the Iraqi authorities denied opening the border vents with Syria and Jordan , because they are totally closed and subject to Da’ish control.

Earlier, Syrian sources reported the opening its vent .

Iraq is connected with its neighbors with 13 border outlets, in addition to five airports and five maritime ports.



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