Parliament is unaware of the details of the government’s announcement of a supplementary budget


Parliament is unaware of the details of the government's announcement of a supplementary budget

 Baghdad / Mohammad Sabah

Parliament denied knowledge of the details of the supplementary budget , which cover unveiled by the prime minister after the government discussed during recent sessions.
Parliamentary Finance Committee recorded its objection to the lack of involvement in the drafting of the supplementary budget, saying it had seen the issue through the media. The Committee demanded that the budget includes the abolition of deductions from employees ‘ salaries.
The Council of Ministers had discussed, at its meeting held on June 6 th, the supplementary budget for the year 2017.
The announcement came in conjunction with the second review conducted by Iraq with the IMF delegation , which earlier this month was held in the Jordanian capital Amman ends.
A senior source revealed (range), on the same day that ” the two sides agreed to submit a supplementary budget for the current year include contractors and farmers recently paid allocations.”
The second review consultations lasted four days in Jordan, and Iraq , which sought to obtain a loan of $ 840 million, as part of a standby credit program signed between the two sides.
The source said “Iraq is expected to receive a share of $ 840 million in the month of August next, out of the total fund of $ 5.3 billion loan.”
The source continued , ” The Fund defends the program Alastaqrara macroeconomic loans by giving priority to public spending and the so – called social spending which areas of education, health , social welfare and displaced persons.”
Although two weeks after the discussion of the supplementary budget, but Mohammed Halbusi, Chairman of the Finance Committee, expresses surprise at the government to prepare a supplementary budget for the remainder of the year 2017 without the involvement of the committee, stressing that ” the parliament is waiting for the arrival of this budget for materials and paragraphs.”
Finance Committee denies knowing the most basic details and numbers and the content of the supplementary budget, as it confirms Halbusi (range) yesterday, “These things seem confined , however , the government isnot aware of us and the terms of the paragraphs of this budget that we heard about in the media.” He stressed the need to send the supplementary budget by the government to parliament for a vote.
Article (2/3 /) that “in the event of insufficient estimates earmarked within the federal budget for the year 2017 to cover the entitlements above Vlcil ministers propose a supplementary budget during the fiscal year mentioned.”
And succeeded parliament unanimously approve 2017 budget, the end of last year, on time before the end of the fiscal year. The budget amounted to about 100 trillion dinars and a deficit of 21 trillion dinars, including 250 thousand barrels of oil from the Kurdistan region, and 300 thousand barrels of Kirkuk. By export 3,750 million barrels of oil per day, and at $ 42.
And I tried (range) to obtain supplementary budget and highlighted its doors contact details through a number of advisers and deputies close to the Prime Minister but did not succeed.
The only Abdul Hussain Anbaki, an economic adviser to the prime minister, saying , ” I do not have information about the subject.”
But the decision of the Finance Committee MP Ahmed Hama Rashid says that ” the general budget allocations cover the employees ‘ salaries until the end of October next month,” he said . “This prompted the government to prepare a supplementary budget to pay staff salaries until the end of the fiscal year.”
He added Hama Rashid said , “Parliamentary Finance submitted a proposal to cancel deductions employees ‘ salaries after the rise in oil prices , ” stressing ” the need to add this to the supplementary budget proposal to amend paragraph deduction of salaries included in the general budget items.”
The draft budget law for fiscal year 2017 on the deduction of 3.8% of the salaries of employees and retirees. But the government has challenged this paragraph after it was reduced from 4.8%.
In turn , says MP Abdul Jabbar al – Abadi, a member of the Finance Committee, said that “operational expenditure allocations, Kedzdid staff salaries, defined in the general budget, almost ten months period, prompting the government to prepare a supplementary budget to complete the payment of salaries to the end of this year.”
He explained Abadi, in a statement (term) yesterday that ” the agreement between the government and the International Monetary Fund to support the general budget, requires a reduction of staff salaries, which were estimated at 38 billion dollars, prompting the government to reduce this figure to $ 36 billion, which was welcomed by the Fund. ”
He said a member of the Finance Committee by saying that ” the difference needs to be legally approved a supplementary budget in order to continue to give the employees ‘ salaries easily and smoothly.”
The disclosure of the supplementary budget, at the time still the judiciary consider the appeal made by the government of 21 items from the budget of 2017, after months of approval earlier this year.
It announced that the Federal Court, on Tuesday, commissioned three experts to submit a report containing the technical aspects of a lawsuit to challenge some of the budget law materials.
The court said, in a statement received (range) a copy of it, it ‘s “held its considered a number of cases listed on its agenda,” noting that the meeting “saw the commissioning of experts elected in a lawsuit to challenge some of the general budget law materials out their mission.”
The court said it was ” the experts recognized the vocabulary of the proceedings of petitions and regulations of the parties and decided to postpone the hearing until the day (12) next month for the purpose of enabling them to submit a report containing the technical aspects of the subject of the appeal.”
Surprised Prime Minister, Parliament earlier this year, presenting an appeal to the Federal Court of all transfers made by the House of Representatives on the budget of 2017, amounting to about 280 billion dinars , including 54 billion dollars has to balance transfers were the House of Representatives. The total additions, conducted by the Parliament on the budget law 40 add and modify, the government appealed to 29 of them.
It gives the Constitution in Article (62 / II) of the Council of Representatives the right to make transfers in the sections and chapters of the general budget and reduce the total amounts, and the proposal to the Council of Ministers, if necessary, a proposal to increase the total amount of expenditures.

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