Expectations of the Iraqi Syrian commercial port $ 3 billion in the event of rehabilitation

Economic expert d said. Abdul Rahman al-Mashhadani told the «Journal News» “The commercial port between Baghdad and Syria was before 10.6.2014 major economic artery feeds trade between the two countries and represents the other part of the parallel trade movement through Baghdad – Jordan.”

He added: “This route covers nearly 30 percent of Iraq’s imports have been trade in Syria and Oman outlets estimated at $ 10 billion toll years 2010-2014 before switching to trade through Turkey and Iran because of political and security events and control of the organization Daesh those strategic ports.”

He continued, “The re-trade port between Syria and Baghdad to work will boost fiscal revenue coming into the federal budget and the active commercial movement budget with the Jordanian government and thus form returns Kmarkip large and controlled at a point Kmarkip one, the fact that the goods entering from Turkey across the region are exposed to more than once payment of fees and Alcomerk collection in more than one region because of the different rates according to the latest tariff would be an excellent ratio. ”

He noted that “the revenue of customs was estimated at one billion dollars before the imposition of customs tariff of all border crossing points, but after the closure of some of those outlets dropped to nearly $ 8 billion, almost, pointing out that the port link between Syria and Baghdad achieves nearly $ 3 billion revenue from the fact that there is a mutant commercial traffic through Turkey and the long road Iranian ports or through Basra, and then is a long movement. ”

He stressed that the World Bank has granted Iraq Bernameha in 2014

For the purpose of training to open and rehabilitation of border crossings according to modern roads and rebuild ports according to the new and advanced technologies and will be a new building according to linking the Internet and the operations of central control in Baghdad will ease the financial and administrative corruption and bring the port result numbers greater than revenue.

The total border crossings revenue for the month of March 2017 amounted to more than 96 billion dinars, and has thus achieved an increase of 43 billion dinars for the same month last revenue for the year 2016.

And revenue land ports for the month of April 2017 of 38 billion dinars, with the exception of maritime ports and ports of the Kurdistan region revenue

Safwan border port has achieved the highest revenues and for two consecutive months, and this port is located in the province of Basra, the Iraqi-Kuwaiti border.

Said director of media relations and border crossing points, “Mohammed Shuli” The trade route between Iraq and Syria is still disabled, also denied the arrival of goods and items from the Syrian side to Iraq

He Shuli told the «Journal News»: “There is no truth to the news that Tnaguetlha some media about opening the border crossings between the two countries,” and that “the perpetrators of the existing and newborn are still completely closed and are subject to the control of the organization Daesh

He noted that the Trebil port between Iraq and Jordan is the most important ports that returned to service but it is not enabled commercially so far, “and stressed” the need to secure the way through the military units of the Abu Ghraib area of ​​Arar and Kilo 106 even enters the business properly. ”

According to the Syrian media that the road on the Syrian-Iraqi border opened and began to express trucks for the first time in years, to the Iraqi interior after the removal of the berm on the Iraqi border.

He was quoted by local media, a military source as saying that the Syrian army and forces allied arrived at the Iraqi border and that work is under way to remove all mines and booby left behind by the terrorists “Daesh” in the desert in preparation for the opening of the crossing movement completely between Iraq and Syria

The source of attention that the Syrian army was able to carry out its tasks and clean up about 20 thousand square kilometers during the four weeks through starting from the primary axis and is the focus of the Seine Tanf and the axis of a second is (Nasiriyah Mahsh insight Alalianih Alhellbh mountain nest crow signal of the forest) and access to the Syrian-Iraqi border, where There are army units

The units of the Syrian army, and in cooperation with the Allies managed in the 9th of this month, from reaching the Syrian border with Iraq, northeast Tanf deep in the Syrian desert.

Iraq is linked with neighboring countries through 13 outlets adjoin, in addition to five ports and air five freely, most notably Abraham port with Turkey and outlet Walid and Rabia with Syria and port Trebil with Jordan and port Arar with Saudi Arabia and outlet Shalamcheh and Mundhiriyah with Iran

A member of the Committee on Economy and Investment MP Amer Al-Fayez in an earlier interview, said that “the three-year deadline contained in the proposed application of the customs tariff law came to address the problems between Baghdad and Erbil on border crossing points in the region. Not related to the idea of ​​completing the infrastructure. ”




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