Conflicting news about the withdrawal of the organization from the majority of neighborhoods of Raqqa- The “message of collapse” is being broadcast in Syria and Iraq


Agencies’ capitals: An organization is broadcasting a desperate voice message to its followers urging them to stand firm after a series of defeats in Iraq and Syria. He called on his followers to defend his strongholds in Iraq and Syria, and in the rest of his strongholds in Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Tunisia.
The desperate message came in the voice of Abul Hassan al-Muhajir, referring to the Philippines, where the terrorist organization is fighting in Marawi against government forces. The speech comes after news of a mass escape of its leaders in Iraq and Syria to unknown places after the tightening of the screws on them by the coalition forces.
In the meantime, there was sharp debate on the situation on the ground in the Syrian city of Raqqa, where battles are taking place between a sympathetic organization and Kurdish and Arab factions supported by the United States.
Local sources said that the elite forces and factions of the Syrian opposition took control of most areas of the city on Monday night. The sources confirmed that shots were heard in the neighborhoods of the eastern city by the residents to celebrate the departure of elements calling and the arrival of the opposition gunmen to the neighborhoods of Saif State and 23 February Street downtown and that the elements of Daash withdrew from those neighborhoods on Monday evening and crossed the river Euphrates. Residents said artillery and artillery shelling had stopped at midnight on Monday, especially in the eastern neighborhoods of the city.
Local residents told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa on Tuesday that Dahedash had restored the 23rd of February Street, Saif al-Dawla Street and Mansour Street in the center of the city and that the Syrian Democratic Forces had retreated to the area of ​​the ancient wall east of the city on the outskirts of the neighborhood. Industry. They pointed out that this came after the elements of the organization calling to circumvent the Euphrates River south of the city and restored the neighborhoods that withdrew from them at night. On the other hand, Chargé d’Affaires of the Iraqi Embassy in Damascus Riad Hassoun al-Tai said that the coordination between the Iraqi army and the Syrian government army to cover all border areas between the two countries. Syrian media reported that the road was opened on the Syrian-Iraqi border and trucks began to pass for the first time in years , Into the Iraqi interior after the removal of the embankment on the Iraqi border. The Syrian army and allied forces were able to reach the Iraqi border, where all mines and booby traps left behind by terrorists were being cleared in the desert in preparation for the full opening of the crossing between Iraq and Syria, local media quoted a military source as saying. The military source confirmed that the ultimate goal of the operation of the forces in the desert is to clean the whole of the Syrian Badia from Dahesh and access to Deir al-Zor and dismantle the ring for the province, which has been besieged by the organization for years.
Russian Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov said in remarks quoted by the Russian Information Agency on Monday that a new round of peace talks on Syria is likely to take place in Astana, capital of Kazakhstan, in early July.



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