Abadi: 4 kilometers separates us from the Emancipation Proclamation full Mosul


6/14/2017 0:00

 Baghdad / morning / Alaa al – Tai
said Prime Minister General Commander of theArmed Forces Haider al – Abadi less than 4 kilometers remaining in the right side of the city ofMosul , is all that separates us from thedeclaration of the complete liberation of the city, pointing out that the Iraqi victories were reflected in Syria and “Daesh” lost control even the city of Raqqa, while instructed to open an investigation to uncover the circumstances of the displaced poisoning Kzer.ohdd Abadi camp that the referendum intends toKurdistan region conducted individually unfortunate, pointing out that some Kurdish leaders believe in the conduct of this referendum Mhklh.obescon his upcoming visit to Saudi Arabia , Abadi said that these Visit is not related to the Gulf crisis, stressing at thesame time that Iraq against the embargo on any country , even if he does not agree with it.
This came in conjunction with the regular session of the Council of Ministers held on Tuesday, as the Council voted on the launch of Nineveh , the salaries of employees who have been their scrutiny of security, as the Council discussed a study of three levels to deal with traffic jams in the capital Baghdad, while the face of the Ministry of Health to complete the numbers required to functional grades and lifting to the Ministry of Finance for inclusion in the supplementary budget for the year 2017. weekly conference Ebadi said in his weekly press conference held on Tuesday and attended the “morning”: “we remember these days, the tragedies that brought the invasion of ” Daesh “to our cities three years ago, especially Mhaf Emergence of Nineveh, and committed atrocities and crimes against all the Iraqi people, as we remember also with gratitude and pride, the third anniversary of the fatwa Ulkipaia Jihad Ali al – Sistani for the supreme religious that united the Iraqis and led them to stand against the terrorist threat , which was a threat totheir existence and the existence of their country, and the Fatwa blessed gave a strong impetus and motivation of our armed forces in the battles fought to liberate the land and man. ” He explained Abadi , that “less than 4 kilometers where our troops are currently engaged in battles with” Daesh “, is separating us from freeing the right side of the city ofMosul declaration completely that , ” asserting that ” the terrorist organization intentionally and is the last throes; greater destruction of possible areas of rhythm Mosul to disarm thejoy of victory for Iraqis, and the day of committing massacres against innocent civilians, but our armed forces , its plan court and high performance, managed from the heart of the equation on the battlefield to their advantage, and are at every moment stripping “Daesh” of his weapon cowardly goal of taking civilians as human shields, We have the courage and abilities of the sons of Gu raised Armed Tanna world ‘s admiration and appreciation, “he added,” that victory was to be achieved, without uniting Iraqis, and particularly Oukvohm terrorism together. ” He stressed that “there is an international relief a great deal of humanitarian government and our armed forces with the liberalization of the cities file from” Daesh “as well as dealing with the displaced, and have the European countries and the countries participating in the conference , which was held in Brussels recently in the presence of Iraq on arrangements after the liberation of Mosul, understanding and readiness confirmed to finance reconstruction projects in the liberated areas, and expressed its readiness to continue to support another year after the liberation of the need for Iraq to all the good international efforts to restore stability and reconstruction to our cities. ”  He added that “Iraq calls on all countries in the region to clarity on the issue of fighting terrorism, because it is existential danger threatening everyone without exception, because” Daesh “and other terrorist groups have not formed by chance but have had sponsors or supporting countries, and everyone should be in aditch one to confront terrorism. ” Decisions and recommendations as presented Abadi during the conference, a briefing on the decisions and recommendations of the Council ofMinisters at its meeting on Tuesday, and explained that it is ” the formation of an ad hoc committee to investigate the poisoning , which hit nearly 800 citizens displaced in theKhazar camp incident, and that the Council pays the incident of great importance and watched seriously because it affects the lives of citizens and their lives, “he continued:” the Council discussed the situation of displaced people and ways to return to their areas liberated after re – cleared and services to them, “and declared” vote on the exchange of Nineveh staff entitlements who have been security checks for them. ” He added that ” the Board directed by the Ministry of Health to complete the figures required functional degrees (central appointments) and submit them to the Ministry of Finance for inclusion in the supplementary budget , ” as Abadi announced a study of three levels discussed by the Council of Ministers to deal with traffic jams in the capital Baghdad, in addition to files and other issues . Press questions  answered Prime Minister press questions, in his response on the issue of displaced poisoning in Khazar camp, said: “ordered an investigation into the issue of displaced poisoning camp Khazar was arrested seven people pending investigation by the Kurdistan Regional authorities,” and explained that “Thread We need to bring the views of the jurisdiction, “noting that ” we are waiting for the results of the investigation and the Council of Ministers first issue high interest. ” Abadi also commented on the analyzes that explain the occurrence of the recent earthquakes that hit the area in Nasiriyah Rifai recently as a result of drilling of oil wells, he said: ” Wecan not say so easily on this, where we need geological studies specialized Snoaz out soon.” On his upcoming visit to Saudi Arabia and to see the current Iraq crisis , the Gulf, Abadi said: “I have an invitation from Saudi Arabia for almost a year and a half, was to boot her by visiting Saudi officials to open an embassy in Baghdad , ” pointing out that “this visit is not related to the crisis , the Gulf” he added that “when we try to progress step for rapprochement with neighboring countries there are internal and external voices are trying to block this convergence , ” asserting that ” the foreign policy of Iraq is going according to the vision put the interests of Iraq and Iraqis set the same in any diplomatic move.” Abadi also touched on the crisis between Qatar and the Gulf states and Arab, and explained that “Iraq is not part of the problem, and that our position is to provide the benefit of our people on anything else, it is in our interest that there are no new fire in the region , ” and stressed that “Iraq stood against about any siege impose on any country ,even if we do not agree with it, because only the people, not systems are affected by and pay the price “, recalling the siege imposed on Iraq , the days of the former regime, and pointed out that it” would not take a political decision on the Qatari funds that had been detained before the period, and that the competent ministerial committee will report on these funds to decide judicially “.obouksos t Vision of the Federal Government and its position on the referendum , which the Kurdistan region declared intention of the vote, Abadi said, “We respect the dreams and aspirations of all Iraqis , although we disagree with some of them,” However, “but we live partners in the homeland and reject unilateral behavior away from the Constitution and the referendum at this time is conciliator is not true, “and added that” going to a referendum for independence may hinder problems does not solve it, “asserting that” the leaders of the Kurds see a referendum secession of the territory problem, “revealed Abadi , his intention to direct a formal invitation to the blocs and political entities and personalities Kurdish conference in Baghdad to discuss the issue Alasf DONC and other issues between the federal government and the region.Cabinet meeting and the Council of Ministers was held on Tuesday , its regular, he said the Information Office of the Prime Minister in a statement received “morning , ” a copy ofit, that the Council voted to approve the recommendation of the emergency meeting of the cell civil crisis management concerning the exception of the Ministry of Construction and Housing, Municipalities and Public Works and the Municipality of Baghdad of paragraph (3) of the Council of Ministers resolution No. (329) for the year 2015 to protect the national product of liquid chlorine until 12/31/2017 exclusively for the purposes of thewater filter. Was also presented the position of numbers of staff who received their salaries in the liberated areas and the preparation of those who have not been paid with the statement of reasons, with the vote on the launch of the province of Nineveh staff who checked security by the security audit team Interior Ministry salaries or by national security bodies, the Council decided to form operations room at the Ministry of Finance to resolve the problems that appear in the audit of the Ministry of Finance payroll and continue its work after the official working hours until the job is done in the presence of formations responsible for the salaries of ministries delayed its employees ‘ salaries in theprovince of Nineveh managers, and has discussed the subject of the provision of the Electricity in the province of Nineveh , and coordination with the Kurdistan region to secure the transfer of crude oil from Kirkuk to Ninoy.ouge Council of Ministers by the Ministry of Health to complete the figures required functional degrees (central appointments) and submit them to the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Finance to include allocations required in the supplementary budget for the year 2017, the voice of the Council of Ministers on the grounds of collection, maintenance and rehabilitation in the electricity sector of the federal nature of strategic projects projects based on the provisions of Article (4 / I / 7) of the investment Law No. (3) for the year 2009, the national investment Commission and the issuance of investment licenses of For special projects Anva.kma were voting on the exchange of financial dues to the truck drivers and the Ministry of Commerce , which contributes to the support of the security forces, and voting on the financing of the Ministry of Education allocations, and directing the Ministry of Finance to open your letter of credit to purchase textbooks as the optimal financial and relying on  allocations approved for the Ministry. the Board discussed the treatment of traffic jams in the province of Baghdad was presented a study on the short, medium and long -term level, the Council also discussed the situation of displaced people in Nineveh , in addition to the incident that took place yesterday and led to the poisoning of 800 displaced people in the Khazar camp and the death of a child and a woman, where M open an investigation into the incident and the arrest of seven people pending investigation.



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