Mosul is liberated “Militarily”

 We are now on the outskirts of the liberation of the city from the gangs ‘Daesh’ There are many questions without answers, despite the news joyful liberation of the revival of Mosul and its inhabitants from Daesh who ruined their lives during the occupation and tampering in the city and do not know the real number of civilian victims? As well as Iraqi forces losses, as happened before in Fallujah and other Iraqi cities in the north Aogrb Iraq .binma transparency must be present people to know the size of the real losses caused by Daesh since 2014 , the year sweep cities and bronchi Iraq safe mindlessly or complicity .. We the fact that we do not know many of the secrets of the emergence Daesh this Alqoh..fjoh?! , And we are optimistic that the course of Mosul dating back to her family soon, despite the vandalism and heavy losses by the liberation of the city from Daesh, when criminals will leave their thoughts takfiri strange Iraqis for a long time, you need to work and effort until life returns to the city. Especially children who work Daesh to change their behavior or pattern of thinking to solve hatred, atonement and blind extremism and hatred, instead of peace, tolerance and acceptance of others, called by our religion.


Solve the problem is not difficult to form committees professional competent or responsible Khvaya reveal what has happened since 2014 until the liberation last cities of Iraq Daesh, human losses suffered by Iraq can not afford to go through such a dark period of its history without shedding lights on exposing the secrets in order to avoid a repeat event., in addition to the study of negative civil peace in a diverse community of cultural and religious Pantmeath, their effects and the work of this committee may be one of the easiest work of professional teams and specialized to reveal the circumstances of large and small wars, the cameras recorded every small and large daily before and during the start by editing the city of Connector, and also recorded the positions of political parties and counting numbers of displaced people from these operations, will contribute to a better knowledge of this criminal organization deviant and those who stand behind it and funded and trained Mnspah, or allow them to access and join Tntam, and thus expose these facts to the public, after stopping the work of the organization heinous against civilians and the construction and destruction of the economy and the confiscation of freedoms and repression of peaceful coexistence in a diverse community of cultural and religious Pantmaiath. 

The opportunity is still opportunity to gather more information about what happened in the city of Mosul, are still there are huge numbers of displaced people and eyewitnesses Bakamon in the camps around or near the city of Mosul, have valuable information about what happened, and perhaps ways of financing Daesh and its heinous against the civilian population, as documented acts of genocide against Alaesidebn by survivors of the inhabitants of the village Hecar Yazidi, this village is tranquil and peaceful nature of its population and in Sinjar. And practices Daesh in Mosul against Nineveh components of Iraq ‘s peaceful communities.
Despite our demand in dealing with transparency when uncovering the facts either public opinion about what happened in Mosul, we still do not know what has happened in Anbar and the cities of western and northern Iraq before and after its liberation from the grip of Daesh, and this is probably one of the reasons for the return of the organization’s activities in Ben while another in some cities and bronchi Anbar Autenivh operations the quality of gold, killed dozens of Almdenbbn innocent and Tnfbz suicide bombings in the capital Baghdad, despite the liberation of these areas of Daesh in 2016 and the truth despite the liberation of these areas militarily Daesh we can not Tzmptha safe areas because the organization’s activities are still going on and control over many of the towns allow his Ala For freedom in the vast areas in Anbar or western regions of Iraq, down to Baghdad.
It is not enough in any case to consider the emergence of Daesh and defeat, a dark period On Iraq, we need to document its events and atrocities and losses caused by, as well as the forces that supported the ‘Daesh’ inside and outside Iraq, and the presentation of these facts in front of public opinion to know in a documentary, professional and genuine, why Smpt a dark period in the history of Iraq and the countries of the region.
‘Liberated Mosul’ and will be free, yes, and return to her family soon ..
But we will stay reluctant to call it safe areas, as we called Iraq’s western areas, safe areas after its liberation from military Daesh.

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