Fighting the last square in Mosul scores dozens of civilian casualties Baghdad

Aktham Saif al – Din

قتال المربع الأخير بالموصل يوقع عشرات الضحايا من المدنيين

Iraqi forces continue to advance in the last square battles in Mosul, despite the great difficulties they face and the desperate defense by the ” Daashorganization , while military sources confirm that the intensity of the fighting and shelling have caused dozens of civilian casualties .

The commander of operations, “coming to Nineveh,” Lieutenant General Abdul Amir Yarallah, in a press statement, “The pieces of the 9th Armored Division liberated today, the southern part of the Zinjili neighborhood,stressing “raising the Iraqi flag on its buildings, Sinjar in the right coast of Mosul. “

For his part, confirmed the Federal Police Chief , Lieutenant General Raed Shaker Jawdat, that his forces “rushed today towards the Shifa district and took control of the axis north of the old city.”

Jodat said in a press statement that “the pieces of the federal police completed today the clearing of Zinjili area of ​​the pockets of the (Daqsh) remaining,” asserting “the surge of forces towards the Shifa district to take control of the axis of the north of the old city completely, before the start of storming from Bab Sinjar.”

An officer in the Ninewa Operations Command told Al-Arab Al-Jadeed that “fighting is taking place in the neighborhoods of Zanjili, health and healing. The Iraqi forces are making very difficult progress, because of the intense defense and the desperate fighting by the Da’ash organization. Disable progress “.

He explained that “the federal police forces today fought fierce battles in the neighborhood of Shifa, and made progress about 60 percent of the neighborhood,” noting that “the forces faced several attacks of the suicide (da’ash), and was able to thwart.”

He pointed out that “the organization is exerting its efforts in trying to repel the advanced pieces, but the air cover of the coalition and Iraqi aviation and coordination with the ground forces gave the factions the strength to progress,” noting that “the reality on the ground difficult to impose on the Iraqi factions resort to continuous shelling against the attacks and defenses ), Which caused dozens of civilian casualties, and the destruction of dozens of homes.

He stressed that “field data indicate the possibility of starting to storm the Old City during the next two days, which will become more difficult battle in which the neighborhoods that preceded it.”

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