British Ambassador: succession Daesh on the verge of collapse


History of edits:: 2017/6/11 11:2393 times readable
{Baghdad} Euphrates News said the British ambassador to Iraq, Frank Baker, the self-styled caliphate b {} terrorist Daesh gangs “on the verge of collapse.”
Baker said , according to a statement to the British Embassy and the Euphrates News Agency {} received a copy of it “encountered yesterday , the anniversary of the expiration of three years ago that brought Daesh suffering and violence to thepeople of Mosul, and today has become the so – called succession on the verge ofcollapse.”
He added that “Iraqi security forces recaptured most of the city and is now in theprocess of restoring governance and control of the security.”
The “Iraqi forces have demonstrated the skill, courage and determination to expel Daesh outside the city with the protection of civilians at the same time, we recognize Baanrafhm, courage and sacrifices of large, they have brought back their successes against Daesh national pride of the armed forces.”
He stressed the British ambassador , “must be realistic about the challenges ahead, including the liberalization areas controlled by all Daesh and humanitarian assistance, and the re – establishment of governance and services.”
He noted that ” the decline and split Daesh still continues, but still threatening Iraqi and international security.”
Baker pointed out that the “horrific attacks in Baghdad, London and Manchester is atragic reminder of how terrorism hit indiscriminately against our societies, and targeting the most vulnerable groups, and that is that the United Kingdom, as astrong ally and strong partner in the international coalition, will always stand side by side with Iraq and its people to defeat international terrorism and to achieve stability and promote development “.anthy



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