Planning completed (document national framework) for the reconstruction of the liberated areas

6/11/2017 0:00

Baghdad / delegates and provincial correspondents

It completed the Ministry of Planning Document (National Framework) for the reconstruction and stability in the liberated areas of “Daesh” terrorist.

In Diyala province received mobile power stations to be installed in those areas, and distributed the Department of Immigration and the Directorate of the Sunni Endowment in Nineveh and aid material relief goods among the displaced in Salah al-Din and Mosul to coincide with the holy month of Ramadan.

Document Details

The official spokesman for the Ministry of Planning Abdul – Zahra al – Hindawi delegate “morning , ” the roar of Imad: that the ministry has completed all the details of thereconstruction plan and the stability of the liberated areas and called (document national framework), as it will be submitted to the Council of Ministers in the coming days to be approved.
He explained that the implementation of the plan will be within 10 years of the year 2018 begins until the year 2027, which is to be completed within two plans Tnmoatin, are direct rather to next year down to 2022, and the second are direct out of the year 2023 until theyear 2027.
The Ministry of Planning has the cost of reconstruction of the liberated areas of the gangs “Daesh” terrorist estimated at $ 100 billion.
Hindawi pointed out that this document consists of three first tracks of human development and the second economic affairs and the third building, construction and infrastructure and to provide the requirements of life for returnees to their areas liberated in general, noting that the funds implementation of the plan will be allocated , which is provided in the general budget, as well as grants are obtained in the framework of thereconstruction of areas affected by the Fund.
He noted that the document will be ready with all its implications and will be presented to donor countries directly within to be held in Kuwait , the donors ‘ conference in the next three months, expected to be the international contribution to this conference the level of ambition, as the international community is interested in the return of stability and reconstruction of the liberated areas and there is an important part so it focuses on human development by drying up the sources of intellectual terrorism and opening the prospects and opportunities for the future of young people. Power stations , mobile and in the same regard, the governor of Diyala , Muthanna al – Tamimi told a reporter , ” Al-Sabah” Nabil Al Shammari: The new batch of terminals manufacturing mobile reached the Directorate of electric power transmission networks in order to erect in the liberated areas in the realms of Jalawla and Saadia and Kara Tepe and Mansuriyah. Tamimi said he oversaw the receipt of such stations by the energy transfer of the Directorate briefed by the presence of the competent authorities of the Ministry of Electricity and the Fund for the reconstruction of the liberated areas, noting that the first batch included five stations with a capacity of (132/33) MW. He stressed that the coming days will witness the arrival of a second batch to other governorate areas by donors , according to the local government has asked in advance, after the agreement with the donor organizations and the Fund of Construction and the Ministry of Electricity, stressing at the same time to work fast and effective to restore the infrastructure of the liberated areas reconstruction through supporting government agencies for the purpose of re – all Nazhaha and the return of normal life to them. The distribution of aid among the displaced to that, and distributed the Ministry of Displacement and Migration through field teams in Salah al -Din province , aid relief goods among the displaced families. The northern governorates ministry official Muhannad Saleh for “morning”: that the ministry had conducted a visit to the Coordinating Committee in Salah al – Din province to see the work of international organizations there, as was the meeting with the representative of the International Rescue Committee to discuss the continuation of the organization in the distribution ofAl480 grant thousand dinars for the displaced newcomers to the province. He explained that the field ministry teams in Salah al – Din province distributed 220 share of relief aid among families in the district of Samarra , the center, as it included one serving food basket dry, as well as the distribution of 207 shares among displaced families in the district of Tikrit , and included a quota for each family food basket and other kitchen utensils, in addition to the distribution of 350 dry food basket among displaced families in the district DHULUIYA center in the province, noting the ministry continued to register families returning in Balad district and hand Yathrib center. Also sent the Department of Immigration trucks loaded with aid relief to displaced families in the province of Kirkuk. He said that the ministry branch official in the province Ammar morning in a press release, confirming the arrival loaded with aid relief trucks included a thousand refrigerated air and five thousand basket summer clothes, as well as two thousand food basket, explaining that this cargo was discharged at the ministry branch of the province of Kirkuk Center stores and will be distributed among the displaced families. The provision of relief materials and in the same regard, the Directorate of Awqaf and Nineveh continues to distribute relief goods and humanitarian aid among the displaced in the bathroom of thesick camp to relieve their suffering in the holy month of Ramadan. Said Awqaf Abu director Bakr Canaan correspondent “morning” Sondos Abdul Wahab: The Directorate ofcontinuing to provide relief and humanitarian aid to the people in the liberated areas and displaced people in the camps, as it has been recently distributed boxes of frozen chicken among the displaced families in the bathroom of the sick camp during the month of Ramadan in order to alleviate their suffering, preceded the inclusion of other camps. He noted that the distribution will continue to areas liberated successively at the hands of the heroic security forces, and will include food, water and other assistance necessary needs, calling on the benevolent and wealthy international and local organizations and stakeholders to join efforts in order to provide assistance for the displaced.


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