On the third anniversary of the fall .. Mosul on the brink of victory

History of edits:: 2017/6/9 23:32 

{Baghdad} Euphrates News report: Rania Mehdi 

on the morning of the tenth of June 2014 shocked the fall of Iraq and the world ‘s second – largest city in the country , but the terrorist gangs Daesh, breaking of the Iraqi forces , where there were many different reasons and the parties involved, security and political conditions.

And quickly occupied Daesh about 40% of the area of Iraq extended to the provinces of Nineveh, Anbar, Salah al – Din and parts are not infrequently from Kirkuk and Diyala, and became the Iraqi forces There is no power to them. 

After three days later with the continued deterioration of security and access Daesh on Baghdad ‘s borders and its threat to drop the capital, and committed a crime era of killing more than 1,700 students from the air force fled the wrong direction from the Base Speicher near Tikrit and signed prisoners , however , the terrorists who killed them in cold blood in the crime of terrible has not been humanity onion. 

Engaged senior religious authority represented Datum forward Mr. Ali Sistani , the historical presence as usual and difficult positions and tribulations, and launched a fatwa Ulkipaia Jihad on 13 June, and an invitation to volunteer in dealing with terrorists. 

And he responded hundreds of thousands of Iraqis fatwa reference and took up arms to defend the land and supply and holy sites, and was their formation within the framework of the law and the state became known as the popular crowd , who became a prominent role in stopping the terrorist crawl. 

At the request of Iraq is a coalition of about 60 countries led by the United States to face Daesh coming from Syria troubled since 2011. 

launched the first raids coalition Daesh in September 2014, but has not turned to stop the deterioration of security where the fallen city of Ramadi , Anbar province , 17 of May 2015. 

With the rising pace of preparations and increase the momentum of the battle and security forces were able to support the popular crowd and clans who volunteered to fight to achieve great victories represented by editing the cliff {rock} victory in the province of Babylon, and the entire land in the province of Diyala. 

Also liberated the security forces Salah al – Din province and its city of Tikrit on March 31 2015. 

As was liberated the city of Ramadi, Anbar province on 22 December 2015, but it has been devastated largely due to terrorist operations as deliberately Daesh gangs to booby – trapping houses, roads and hide them than making them vulnerable to target international coalition aircraft. 

And at the same pace of progress and rush security forces freed on 26 June 2016 the city of Fallujah east of Anbar province, which is one of the vital cities in the province , which was a more like the capital to Daesh them. 

With the secure areas and the liberalization of most of the cities of Anbar, he declared commander of the armed forces , Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, in October 201 617 starting the process of liberation of Mosul , which began on the left side of the city. 

And do not forget the role of the Peshmerga forces in the liberation operations recorded a historic championships in the expulsion Daesh. 

Abadi announced, on 24 January, officially release the left side of Mosul city completely, pointing to ” the signing of a memorandum of 27 to rebuild various projects in the liberated areas in Mosul.” 

The security forces did not stop in various formations as well as the popular crowd , which was entrusted to him edit west of Mosul areas important, progress and achieve victories until the declaration of the start of editing the right side of Mosul operations on 19 February. 

The operations are still going on until the moment has the pieces which achieved great victories, leaving only less than 10% only to declare liberation from the right side completely Daesh. 

It will be the great liberation Nouri mosque and its minaret famous humpback and from the leader of speeches from him Daesh terrorist named Abu Bakr al – Baghdadi , after the fall of Mosul, a symbol of the complete liberation of the city. 

In the popular crowd continues operations to secure the Iraqi – Syrian border to cut off the road and prevent the flow of terrorists into Iraq. 

The remaining post – Daesh stage pregnant security, political, social and economic challenges and the process of reconstruction of the liberated areas, but the unity of Iraqis and Tkacvhm will be sufficient to overcome all crises , as demonstrated in the fighting and Altharir.anthy



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