Report: Iraq around the corner from victory in Mosul

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Khandan – Three years after the fall of the thundering city of Mosul , however , the organization of “Daesh” terrorist, Iraqi forces are on the cusp of becoming the second largest city in the country of terrorists restored.

Says anti – terrorism team . Gen. Abdul – Ghani al – Asadi commander told AFP : “We certainly celebrate theachievements of the army after three years , ” the fall of Mosul.

He says the US envoy to the International Alliance of Brett Macgork “Three years ago, at this time, it was Daesh rapidly advancing toward Baghdad.”

He explains , “Mosul fell and disintegrated simply seven units of the Iraqi security forces.”

According to coalition spokesman Colonel Ryan Dillon, the Iraqi forces “were not ripe for a similar threat” as the terrorists “were knocking on the gates of Baghdad.”

Macgork It is at that time, the recovery seemed “almost impossible, and many chanted (Well, this is the end of Iraq).”

The combined factors contributed mainly to stop the advance of “Daesh” to Baghdad, and could not later than launching a traditional large – scale attack on the capital.

Hurried religious authority Ali al – Sistani, to call to volunteer in order to fight the organization.

The factions fought the popular crowd, to repel the elements of progress “Daesh” first, and then push them to retreat, at a time when I saw new units of volunteers light.

Two months after the fall of Mosul, the US began directing strikes against “Daesh” in Iraq as part of an international coalition presented along with air support, support and training to Iraqi forces.

Since then , then, Iraqi forces recaptured several areas , however , were “Daesh”, including three cities, and managed to control most of the city of Mosul after the attack was launched seven months ago.

Al – Asadi explains that “left to Daesh (in Mosul) only three or four neighborhoods boxed in.”

When you control “Daesh” on Mosul, al – Asadi believes that ” the pieces of (military) that existed, was the fact thatlacked some of the preparations and some equipment and other things, so it was a quick process of falling.”

But after three years, that ” the pieces are well prepared in preparation for their relationship and become citizens, this point is very important, a good relationship,” adding that ” the citizen is cooperating with the security cuts.”

The success of the restoration process of Mosul , according to an analyst who specializes in Iraq ‘s affairs at the Institute of “War Studies” Patrick Martin that “the progress of Iraqi security forces since its collapse in June 2014 shows.”

But Martin explains that the restoration of Mosul “should not obscure the fact that those forces are still incomplete and flawed” especially since they “still do not have numerous enough position to cleanse and caught the country.”

Iraq paid a heavy price during the fight for terrorists, as the war years resulted in the deaths of thousands and thedisplacement of hundreds of thousands, rather than the destruction of the parties to the country, and the suffering that many witnessed under the brutal rule of Daesh.

In this context, the commander of the Second Division in the fight against terrorism forces , Lieutenant – General Abdul – Wahab al – Saadi told AFP refers to ” a very great tragedy in general passed by the Nineveh province and the city ofMosul , in particular.”

Saadi depends upon the suffering of civilians from massacres and killings ” in addition to the great price you paid all the pieces.”

The restoration of the city of Mosul does not completely end the war against the “Daesh” in Iraq, as still in control ofthe areas in the province of Kirkuk and in the west of the country.

It warns Dillon in this context that there is a “future threat” is that the organization of “Daesh” terrorist “will return again to the insurgency policy” of the bombings and suicide attacks.


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