Sentenced in absentia to prison against the former Iraqi Trade Bank, director of harming public money



Since 06.08.2017 at 12:53 (Baghdad time)

Baghdad balances News

Integrity Commission announced on Thursday for a verdict in absentia was sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment against the Director General of the Iraqi Trade Bank, former events damage to public money.

The authority said in a statement received / scales News / copy of it, “the Department of Investigation Commission announced a verdict in absentia was sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment against the Director General of the Iraqi Trade Bank, former Essam Hussein Azri.”

She added that “the court of competent criminal integrity issues in Baghdad sentenced the defendant was sentenced pursuant to the provisions of Article 340 / of the Penal Code, for having to cause harm to public money and the interests of the entity in which it operates.”

She continued, “The convicted fugitive took advantage of his job and the creation of damage to public money worth (14,722,493,196) fourteen billion seven hundred and twenty-two million four hundred and ninety-three thousand and one hundred and ninety-six dinars, by committing irregularities in the granting of banking facilities for the company (waterlogging) and the approval of the opening credit L company with no real guarantees for the recovery of funds to the bank. ”

She explained that “the criminal court, reached a sufficient conviction to criminalize the accused fugitive after knowing the evidence obtained in the case of statements the legal representative of the Iraqi Bank of Commerce, and what was the report of the Checksum field team and inquisitorial to the board of integrity who recommended the accused and referred to the judiciary Bmqbarh, and include the amount of damage to an advanced understanding General, in addition to the presumption of his escape from the face of justice. ”

He noted that “the verdict included a warrant and investigation against the convicted fugitive, with the support of booking the reality on his movable and immovable, and keep the hand affected (Ministry of Defense) right to claim compensation before the civil courts after the acquisition of decision-class peremptory” .anthy 29 / A 43


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