Trump envoy: we confirmed to Ebadi and Jubouri importance of holding elections on time

BAGHDAD / Tomorrow Press: Detect Brett Macgork, Special Envoy of US President, Donald Trump, in the international coalition against Daesh, on Wednesday, for the training of 100 thousand Iraqi fighters, and the removal of 41 000 mines, denying the presence of US troops to take control of Iraqi territory, while noting there is agreement on the Iraqi elections on schedule after meeting Abadi al – Jubouri.

Said Macgork, during a press conference at the US embassy in Baghdad and attended by “Tomorrow Press,” that “there is an agreement to hold the Iraqi elections on time, after the meeting with Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi and House Speaker Salim al – Jubouri.” 

He added that the “million and 800 thousand Iraqis have returned to their homes after they were displaced by Daesh,” noting that ” the liberation of Mosul reached its final stages, despite the difficulty of the battle engaged by the Iraqi forces against the terrorist organization.” 

He went on “Our mission fighter Daesh, where we trained 100 thousand Iraqis, to fight terrorism, and put the protection of civilians on top of their plans, were freed 55 000 kilometers, and we were able to remove 41 000 mines through the liberalization of the cities , ” denying ” the control of US forces on some areas in the country. ” 

He stressed that ” one of the important elements in the liberation of Mosul campaign, is the cooperation of the Iraqi forces, where they found that the Iraqi more people Mtaulh in courage, but the battle with Daesh is not over and we want to help the Iraqis to extend its sovereignty, and what we do war on Daesh Iraqi government request.” 

He said “There is a meeting anticipated during the next July , the international coalition in Washington, as we prepare with the Iraqi government to post Daesh.” 

In another context, envoy Trump, said that ” the rehabilitation project of the highway between Baghdad and Jordan, will create opportunities for the Iraqis, who will lock it , as well as the government has the idea to collect the fees and this will improve the lives of citizens, and in turn I will visit Jordan for the understanding on the project” . 

He went that “there is evidence of the keenness of the Iraqi government to contract with companies sober, where he surprised passengers flying the presence of dense lighting in Iraqi territory.” 

Talking about Syria, Macgork said that “there is an agreement with the Russians about the fight Daesh in Syria, where we bombed Daesh in the south of the country to protect our personnel on the ground.” 

The envoy of the US president, met on Tuesday, Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi and House Speaker Salim al – Jubouri, to discuss the issue of elections and the war against the terrorist Daesh.

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