The government issued decisions to support the national product



The government has issued decisions to support the national product and stop wastage happening in hard currency.
Saad al-Sabri, spokesman for the prime minister’s office in a statement received “Economy News”, is “the revitalization of the industrial sector and the protection of the national product two main axes in the government program as well as their being constitute an important part in the paper’s reform presented by Haider Abadi, the Prime Minister, specifically in the area of ​​reform economic basis of this principle, the government and the Prime Minister has attached great importance to this subject was issued among the resolutions of the Council of Ministers are in the government endeavor to support the national industry. “
He noted that “this step contributes to providing a full opportunity of the domestic product of Iraq and the goods in filling the local market need of many products and stop wastage happening in hard currency, as it goes billions of dollars a year to cover imports of goods costs and products are unnecessary and could be replaced by local goods as supplied goods to Iraq from different origins so that the Iraqi market has become dumped imported products of poor quality are not available with the required specifications have been several measures to revive the stalled industries and stimulate other industries and enhance the level and quality of production which has taken. “
He said that “to achieve this goal, it has followed a government policy based on two tracks: I. contribute to the provision of the advancement of the national industrial sector, particularly in the field of light industry and construction industries, food industries requirements and open the doors of investment and partnership with the private sector to re-run factories stalled and self-financing companies lagging, II effective implementation of the policy Kmarkip to limit the flow of goods from many countries towards the Iraqi market, which provides a real possibility for local industries to compete with manufactured goods in the exporting countries of Iraq, particularly in relation to the achievement of a balance between life costs Local product and the costs of other countries’ products. “

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