Near the launch of treasury bonds for contractors

08/06/2017 0:00

 BAGHDAD / Tariq al- Araji ,
said the President of the Office of Financial Supervision , Dr. Salah Nouri behind the completion of auditing contractors and farmers who have files dues to the state in recent years, revealing near the launch of treasury bonds to them by the Central Bank. Khalaf said in the interview with the “morning” dialogue that “Treasury bonds for contractors were amounts and according to statistics from the Ministry of Planning 4 trillion seven hundred billion dinars in the previous years, and within the credit recovery agreement, the government should perform some of its obligations to get loans as payments, and one of the recovery conditions to verify the Audit Bureau supports Are farmers and contractors entitlements are correct or not? And then go to the Ministry of Planning and then to the Ministry of Finance and then to the Central Bank to issue bonds. ” The Khalaf said , “Audit Court has fulfilled its obligations and check the floor all dues contractors received from the Ministry of Planning, but the results of the audit were different some of them are identical and ready and the other is not ready , ” noting that the receivables that were in time up to a trillion 663 billion dinars matching, the difference between this the figure reached by the Audit Bureau and the 4 trillion seven hundred billion dinars (according to statistics of the Ministry of planning) back to being non – matching and the shortcomings.


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