Integrity Commission: Sentencing in absentia to former finance minister Rafie al-Issawi



Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:
The Integrity Commission on Wednesday issued a seven-year prison sentence against former Finance Minister Rafa Hadyad Jiyad al-Issawi, in accordance with article 340 of the Penal Code, to cause harm to the money and interests of the party in which he worked.

The agency said in a statement received by “Al-Gharab Press” that “the investigations department in the Commission, confirmed the issuance of the Criminal Court on the issues of integrity in Baghdad, in absentia sentenced to seven years in prison for the fugitive convict and former finance minister Rafie Hyad Jiyad al-Issawi.”
She pointed out that “the details of the case, is that Issawi damage to the interest of the entity in which he works (Ministry of Finance), through the approval of the contract between the General Department of Rafidain Bank and engineering company for the contractor to invest in the building of Rafidain Bank branch of Aqaba.
She added that “the court reached sufficient conviction to condemn the defendant after reviewing the statements of the legal representatives of the Ministry of Finance and Rafidain Bank and the administrative investigation in the Office of the Inspector General of the Ministry of Finance and the report of the External Audit Division of the Integrity Commission containing the value of damage to public money, as well as the presumption of escape Accused”.
“The decision of the convicted fugitive sentence includes the issuing of an arrest warrant against him, in addition to supporting the seizure of his movable and immovable property, and keeping the complainant, the Ministry of Finance, to claim compensation before the civil courts after the judgment has been obtained.”
It is noteworthy that the former finance minister Rafie al-Issawi, is wanted for the Iraqi authorities on corruption charges, where he was sentenced to seven years imprisonment in 2015, issues related to financial and administrative corruption and currently resides outside Iraq.

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