Twilight News publishes the text of the Iraqi Council of Ministers decisions


Twilight News publishes the text of the Iraqi Council of Ministers decisions
37 minutes ago

Twilight News / Iraqi cabinet held its regular meeting on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Haider al-Abadi, where several resolutions were adopted in the health and security sectors of the economy.

According to the statement of the Office Abadi responded to Twilight News, the text of the Council’s resolutions were as follows:

During the meeting, the vote on the establishment of the production of cards and passports factory extension project a unified national card.

The group was voted on decisions concerning the health aspect, namely the completion of the project Thalassemia building at Ibn Municipal Hospital exception of the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 347 of the year 2015 as one of the important strategic projects within the area of ​​the Department of Health Aljgracah Baghdad.

The Council approved the completion of the project to spend 40 Dujail hospital bed capacity.

It was voting on the draft HIV screening law and human immunodeficiency.

It was also presented a draft amendment to the law of the State Council.

It was also voting on the draft switch provinces of Qadisiyah and the name of nationalization to the provinces of Kirkuk and Diwaniyah law.

The Council of Ministers discussed the Ministry of Defense requirements in addition to the supplementary budget for 2017 and dues contractors.

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