Parliamentary economy supports the central bank’s recent measures to regulate the sale of currency window



Announced that the Committee on Economy parliamentary, Tuesday,support for the measures the bank ‘s central recent organization of thework of banks in the window selling currency foreign, indicating that thecentral bank held a classification in cooperation with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

Said a member of the Committee on Economy Parliamentary Najiba Najib’s ” Economy News ” , the ” classification of the bank ‘s central banks involved in the window of selling the currency

move is good too and its goal of reform cash ” ,

indicating that the ” Bank of the Central has taken these measures in coordination with the experts of foreign and specifically from the States of the United States as well to fund cash and bank

international . “


She added that ” the assessment of the new Bank of the Central adopted on seven items , notably the standards of transparency and the fight against laundering money that was given her degree 50 of 100 in addition to the top of the money and the granting of loans ” , referring  to that ” some banks

aimed at entering the window sell the currency

to profit on the expense of the economy of the Iraqi

which got the score slow in the classification . “

She stressed that ” the banks that got the centers

last them to correct their status in order to remain

in the window of selling the currency ” ,adding that ” the development of the sector banking will lead to the development of the economy and therefore the Bank ‘s central began reform of through the window of selling the currency .


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