Jawdat: Near the announcement of the liberation of Mosul


07/6/2017 12:00 am

Mosul / Sabah

All field data and news coming from Operation Ninawa Square indicate that the hour for the complete liberation of Mosul is almost “within sight” or that the final victory of the heroic Iraqis who have achieved “defeat” and “crush” – unless armies can do it major countries is at hand «jiffy or is it closer.»

According to the statement of the Federal Police Commander Major General Raed Shaker Jawdat, there is only a small area of ​​Mosul, the old area and part of the Zanjili district to announce the liberation of the city of Mosul completely from the abomination of terrorist gang cowardly.
“Joint operations have prepared a highly professional and highly professional security plan based on accurate intelligence based on the resources it has to provide security in the city of Mosul and the so-called” state of the caliphate “, said Lieutenant General Jawdat in a press statement. “This so-called caliphate has become a haven for terrorism from all countries of the world, so all areas of Mosul have been cleared, leaving only a tiny area of ​​the old city and part of Zanjili only,” he said.
“The security forces of all types of federal police, the fight against terrorism, the Iraqi army and the popular crowd are working in the spirit of one team and side by side in order to reduce the sacrifices among the civilians and open the safe passages for them,” he said, adding that “gang” called “terrorist” were holding hundreds of families “He added that” the plan is proceeding according to its decree and that the Zanjili area will be completely liberated in the near future, “stressing that” the remaining “remaining” terrorists now have no area to bet on in Mosul and has become ” »In the case of dispersion and a group of bands of the good Ge fear the face of the security forces because their fate isknown , a murder. »

The massacres «Aldawash» in Geneva
The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein told the Human Rights Council in Geneva on Tuesday that he would not be allowed to carry out a series of massacres, That “the brutality” calling “the terrorist does not know the limits of what seems to be,” he added, “my team told me that the bodies of Iraqi men, women and children are still dead in the streets of the Shifa district in western Mosul after he” dodged “killing 163 people to prevent them from fleeing, «there are people missing in theneighborhood», said Rupert Colville , spokesman On behalf of Zaid told «AFP» that «the killings took place probably in the first of June this».

The tragedy of Zanjili
The Observatory of Freedoms for the Defense of Wounded Women and the Lebanese network Al-Mayadin revealed a new massacre committed by the “terrorist” against women and children in the Zanjili neighborhood. According to the head of the Observatory of Civil Activist Haider Al-Sheikh, “After the recent victories achieved by our security forces in areas And the revival of the city of Mosul and the liberation of the areas of the right coast of the control of «Da’ash», the terrorist organization committed a new massacre of women and children, days after the massacre of the market (Serj Banna), which killed seven women and a number of children ».
“The terrorist elements used the families as human shields, trying to prevent the Iraqi forces from liberating the latest terrorist organization in Mosul,” he said, noting that “the terrorists did not stop there. They also carried out a new massacre against women and children in al-Zanjili neighborhood. women, children and young people near the pepsi factory district Zndjeli while trying to flee to escape from the control of «Daesh» towards al – Najjar neighborhood edited by Iraqi forces ».
The head of the observatory said that «dozens of bodies of women and children scattered in the streets of Zinjili district as a result of throwing bullets and carry out executions by the elements« Da’sh »terrorist», pointing out that «among these bodies about 13 teachers in Mosul schools carried out by the organization terrorist operation execution by firing squad after stripping them of their homes. »


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