Hakim: Iraq’s future will surprise everyone


07/06/2017 0:00

BAGHDAD / morning

The head of the Iraqi National Alliance, Mr. Ammar al-Hakim said Iraq surprised his future after the Arab brothers to heal the wounds.

While expressing concern over the tension in theGulf states, called for regional neighbors to dialogue and renewed his rejection of any postponement of the elections and the violation of the constitutional timings.
A statement for the presidency of the National Alliance, received «morning», Hakim said during a meeting with a number of Kuwaiti journalists: The «visit to the State of Kuwait come to discuss bilateral relations between Iraq and Kuwait, informed Kuwaiti leaders on counter – terrorism efforts and military operations, especially in the whole of Nineveh», praising »roles played by Kuwait in support of Iraq after the fall of the dictatorial regime».
Hakim noted that «Iraq will surprise Arab brothers his future after he heals my wounds and gives an example of the ability of the coexistence», pointing to «Iraq ‘s desire to build a better international and regional relations».
And on the escalating crisis in the Gulf states after cutting Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Libya, Yemen and other countries relations with Qatar, president of the National Alliance expressed concern about this tension, indicating «We follow with great interest the recent developments in the Gulf region, and the strained relationship between the brothers in theGulf Cooperation Council ( GCC ) which do not serve the security and stability of theregion. »
He added Hakim «We express our concern about these developments , we feel we arefighting a fierce battle against terrorism, the region does not bear such an escalation, because it frustrates joint efforts to fight terrorism».
Hakim renewed his call for the regional neighboring countries to the joint dialogue table to put the worries and concerns and to reach compromise formulas to resolve thedifferences between the brothers and friends », reminding b« fraternal ties with all thehistorical depth to be a springboard to heal the rift and solve the problems between brothers ».
It is worth mentioning that the head of the Iraqi National Alliance, Ammar al – Hakim, was the head, on the first Monday, a delegation from the coalition in an official unannounced visit to the State of Kuwait, during which the emir met with Sheikh Sabah Al – Ahmad Al – Jaber Al – Sabah and the Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al – Ahmad Al – Jaber Al -Sabah and Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al – Mubarak Al – Hamad Al- Sabah and theKuwaiti National Assembly Speaker Sheikh Ali Marzouk Al – Ghanim.
On the other hand, Mr. Hakim said during a meeting with the US president ‘s envoy to the International Alliance against Brett Daesh Macgork, «Iraq sought to promote democracy through legislation to speed up the election law and the selection of a new Electoral Commission».
He said the National Alliance statement that the wise and Macgork addressed, during themeeting, «developments in the political and security situation in Iraq and the region, and emphasized the need to proceed with a draft national settlement near the final victory over Daesh».
For his part, the US envoy, «Washington ‘s continued support for Iraq in its war against Daesh and its commitment to implement the strategic cooperation agreement and activated», expressing his happiness with »victories achieved at the hands of Iraqi forces in the war against terrorist gangs Daesh».

Hakim: Iraq’s future will surprise everyone

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