Washington: Qatar’s boycott does not affect the war against Daesh

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Washington: Qatar’s boycott does not affect the war against Daesh

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US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Monday called on Gulf states to maintain their unity and work to resolve differences between them after cutting three countries , including Egypt and diplomatic relations with Qatar.

Said Tillerson told a news conference in Sydney , Australia , an answer to a question about recent developments between these countries and Qatar, said that there is an accumulation of tensions between these parties over the time, adding “certainly encourage the parties to sit together and address these differences.” 

“If there is any role can we play to help it, I think that it is important for the Gulf Cooperation Council to maintain its unity.” 

US Secretary of State said he did not expect that this development in the Gulf region on the war against Daesh affects. 

Tillerson added that “all the parties received in the press question [ie Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and the UAE] is engaged in the war on terror and the organization of Daesh, has expressed that days ago in Riyadh.” 

It announced that both Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, the UAE and Egypt at dawn on Monday to cut diplomatic relations with Qatar, and asked Qatari diplomats to leave, and closed areas of air, land and sea ports with Doha.


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