US Secretary of Defense after the London attack: We are not afraid


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Khandan – assured US Secretary of Defense James Mattis on Monday that the United States and its allies will continue to fight extremists and will not be intimidated by attacks by the organization “Daesh” terrorist on the West.

The Prime Minister of Britain , Theresa May, said that Britain should take a tougher approach in its efforts to eliminate extremism after assailants killed riding in a vehicle, at least seven people crushed to death and stabbed at the London Bridge and the bars close to him Saturday night.

Mathis said in Sydney, where he is accompanied by Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson on his first visit outside the United States . “As I said, we are united in our resolve even in the face of the enemy thinks he Sakhaevna through harm us.”

The US defense secretary said: “Well, we are not afraid”, as quoted by “Reuters”.

For his part , he said Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, said that the world will see probably more of these attacks, pointing out that this is the problem of the international community must possess “vigilance, determination and courage” about it .

He added Turnbull told a news conference earlier on Monday . “These criminals .. These terrorists are cowards. There is nothing heroic in what they do.”

He went on saying , “This is corruption and disease in Islam. It is a global phenomenon and must be dealt with at this level.”



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