Barzani, the party declares the application of Article “140” on the areas liberated by the Peshmerga


Erbil – News Journal

The Kurdistan Democratic Party led by the region’s president, Massoud Barzani, the application of Article 140 to the areas liberated by the Peshmerga forces from the terrorist organization Daesh said.

The MP said the party Princess Karim Zangana told the «Journal News», on Sunday that “the Peshmerga forces provided martyrs in the battles fought with al Daesh in Mosul and can not withdraw from the areas liberated by or delivered to any destination.”

She noted that “the Democratic Party has no problem with the popular crowd, but we do not accept that approaching the liberated areas by the Peshmerga,” the Opening of that “areas freed in Mosul by the Peshmerga will not withdraw from it was annexed to the Kurdistan region.”

The President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, said earlier that the Peshmerga forces will not withdraw from the areas liberated, which has taken them a line of defense before embarking on the process of editing the city of Mosul, pointing out that this matter is not subject never to discuss the Peshmerga will remain in those areas.

He accused the MP for a coalition of state law Mohammed Chihod, Massoud Barzani , of conspiring to Mosul and handed over to the terrorist to Daesh accounts for its territory and abandons its sons.
He Chihod in a statement that the ruling family is illegal in the region one of the most important pillars of the project conspiratory on Iraq and its people, a recognized Mosul to Daesh terrorist and does not want to liberate the city from the influence of those gangs in order to pass its divisive and expand the people of Mosul account, noting that this family crisis conjures up with the federal government in order to export its internal problems , especially that Barzani acquired power and did not comply with the will of the Kurdish people and thus is distracting Kurdish parties want his problems contrived.

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