The cleansing of the Baaj paves the way for the proclamation of Nineveh, which is completely liberated


05/6/2017 12:00 am

Baghdad / Al-Sabah

In the course of a few hours, the popular mobilization of the army’s air force will be completed. The entire district of Nineveh will be left only from the center of the besieged district of Tal Afar and a small square besieged in Ayman Mosul. This is the old city that continues our incursion into its depth. Ensuring the safety of the remaining people in their narrow alleys, which are taken by gangs, supporting human shields that hide behind them.

A quick and surprising process
The commander of the operations (coming to Nineveh) Lieutenant General Abdul Amir Rashid Yaarallah, yesterday morning Bushra complete the liberation of the district of Baaj west of Mosul in a record time of drowning gangs and calling the terrorist. A statement issued by the military information cell said that the Popular Forces and Army Air Force had completed the complete liberation of the judicial center and had lifted the Iraqi media over its buildings.
At the same time, the leadership of the popular crowd announced in a statement to liberate the Baaj, which is the second largest district in Iraq, a process of quality only lasted hours, when the forces of the popular crowd at dawn on Sunday, the center of the district of Baaj of three axes and completed the liberation with the first morning hours, Those gangs suffered heavy losses in lives and equipment.
In addition, the people of the popular crowd were able to rescue hundreds of families from the people of Baaj, who were being held by armed terrorists as human shields.
Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, vice chairman of the popular crowd, said that the victory would not have been achieved without the blood of the martyrs and the prayer of the faithful in this holy month of Ramadan, good and generous.
For his part, the official spokesman for the popular crowd, MP Ahmad al-Asadi, that the liberation of the Baaj, gangs Daadash lose the most prominent strongholds in western Nino.
He added: There will be no victory in this effect and speed in the completion of the tasks required as the victory of the popular mobilization forces in the liberation of the judiciary from dodging them
Mass flight to the forest
On the ground, a statement issued by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) stated that the Popular Forces had re-established control of the district of Al-Baaj after it had been liberated during its progress by the villages of the tank, the Sager, Jabriya, Hajar and other areas. And then stormed the center of the judiciary from the south and began to clear the parties of the remnants of al-Daash, who reported the intelligence of the popular crowd that most of the leaders of these gangs fled the Baaj, which was the most important command center within the western sector of Nineveh. The statement added that the Iraqi army’s air force, according to intelligence information, destroyed additives to the court on the outskirts of the judiciary.
One of the axes of progress, Major General Ali Al-Hamdani, commander of Major General Ali Al-Hamdani, confirmed that the victories of the Popular Forces forces broke the thorn of the organization calling the terrorist in western Mosul after the liberation of the center of Al-Baaj district in full and causing great losses of lives and equipment. The army and the air force helped to hammer the last nail into the coffin of this criminal organization in the so-called “Badia Al Jazeera”. Al-Hamdani also praised the role of the engineering effort of the popular crowd, which provided great support to the crowd by dismantling and processing explosive devices and mines left behind by the defeated fans.
This achievement comes within the eleventh day of the second page of the operations of “Mohammed Rasul Allah II” for the liberation of the district of Al-Baaj open on the Syrian border, as the media confirmed that the Popular Forces forces continue their military operations to clean up and secure the areas guarded by the judiciary to the Iraqi-Syrian border, Troops liberated the villages of Tal Fargho and Karaan on the northern side of the judiciary and met the forces of the southern axis in the Baaj, and the villages of Tal Cree and Tal Noufli and Tal Masrj Al-Faraj to the north-east of Al-Baaj next to the village of Umm Hajjar to the east

Fighting the old city
And on the situation in the right coast of Mosul .. Spokesman for the Joint Operations Command, Brigadier Yahya Rasool, said that the number of remaining Shrathm in the remaining parts of the coast in a few hundred, pointing out that there are processes of depletion of those elements through successful military strikes through the Air Force As well as the deployment of snipers on the roofs of high buildings to target their movements. He pointed out that there is a military operation to break into the rest of the old parts of Mosul with narrow alleys, indicating that this process needs different plans and tactics because the remaining areas are populated and the large military vehicles can not enter its streets. Therefore, the battle will depend on the units trained on the street war Air force represented by the Iraqi army and supported by the intelligence effort.
While our forces managed to advance further into the old town of Zanjili, fighting street battles. According to a source from the field, the forces of rapid response and the federal police slowly advancing in the alleyways of this neighborhood for the safety of civilians, but it reached the building of the situation and the raids and imposed control of more than 65 percent of the neighborhood. He added that the remnants of the daisy firing their weapons towards the families of the mouse towards our troops as progress towards their hideouts. Stressing the rescue of 13 civilians were shot by bullets and were transferred to field hospitals. An Iraqi army officer said the 73rd Brigade, 16, and the 36th Brigade, the 9th division of the Zinjili district, had reached a meeting with the anti-terrorist units coming from the liberated health district in order to advance towards the medical compound in the Shifa neighborhood adjacent to the Tigris.


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