People crowd: Access to the depth Daesh editing Baaj and our goal is the closure of the border


History of edits:: 2017/6/4 21:3747 times readable
{Baghdad} Euphrates News said a spokesman for the crowd popular MP Ahmad al-Asadi, said the crowd reached a depth of strategic Daesh edit Baaj district west of Mosul gangs today.
He said al – Asadi, told {Euphrates News}, that “Baaj spend is another city in thedesert west of Nineveh and the largest, and the headquarters of the command and control Daesh, another city near the Iraqi – Syrian border and which managed military operations and the distribution of terrorist tasks between Iraq and Syria.”
He added, “editing Baaj, the popular crowd announced that he is able to edit areas, where we arrived at the most important point of strategic depth,” he said . “Today pushed the pieces towards the south and is continuing to progress.”
Asadi said, “We need time to progress to existing and newborn to close the entire border.”
He said , “Our goal now is to reach the border and cleared, shut down and prevent the frequency of terrorists to them it represents the sovereignty and strength of thecountry , ” noting that “we can address all the issues.”
He noted that “coordination is underway through joint operations with border guards to coordinate with the popular crowd to catch the border,” adding that ” the Iraqi army will participate maintenance of the border and also expect the participation ofborder guards with the Iraqi army and the popular crowd.”
With regard to the evacuation of displaced persons, a spokesman for the popular crowd said that ” the humanitarian issue of the finest files that deal with the popular crowd even though it is the most complex files, in all areas liberated civilians were coming out of the areas and popular crowd in the formations and logistical support ,security and medical care they stayed up on relief civilians and their management to camps for displaced people, “he said . ” The crowd has achieved great success inthis file “.
The leadership of the popular crowd, announced today, freeing spend west of thecity of Mosul Baaj completely from Daash.anthy gangs

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