Abadi to the clerics of the Sunni and Shiites: We do not want our forces to fight outside the border


By Rudao one hour ago
العبادي لرجال دين من الوقفين السني والشيعي: لا نريد لقواتنا ان يقاتلوا خارج الحدود
Abadi to the clerics of the Sunni and Shiites: We do not want our forces to fight outside the border

Roudao – Erbil

Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said Sunday that the Iraqi government does not want its forces to participate in battles outside the country’s borders.

“The latter met with a group of clerics from the Shiite and Sunni Waqfin and other religious figures,” said Abbadi’s office in a statement read by the Ruddao Media Network. “The holy month of Ramadan blessed the month of Mercy, through which unity is strengthened. Doors of final victory “.

“The Iraqis have united in the fight against terrorism and have succeeded, and we hope that our unity will continue to preserve what has been achieved and to go for the good of the country and its citizens,” the prime minister said.

“Our hearts are afraid that the religion of mercy will be hijacked by these terrorists who distort the image of Islam and Islam, including innocent people,” Abbadi said, adding that “the Iraqis will not allow them and we are on our way to eliminate them and not contain them.”

“We do not want our forces and our sons to take part in the fighting outside the borders and we do not want to undermine the security of countries. Our constitution does not allow this,” he said.

“Iraq is keen to cooperate with others to fight terrorism,” he said. “We have eliminated terrorism militarily, and the real security, intellectual and practical challenge remains.”



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