Two military commanders confirm the imminent declaration of the liberation of Mosul


04/6/2017 1:50 AM

Baghdad / Al-Sabah
The commander of the federal police Major General Raid Shaker Jawdat and Nineveh Operations Commander Maj. Gen. Najm al-Jubouri described the atrocities perpetrated by the terrorist organization “Da’ash” against the civilians of the city of Mosul, stressing the end of the battle to liberate the city from the grip of the terrorist organization.
Maj. Gen. Raed Shaker Jawdat said in a joint press interview with Major General Najm al-Jubouri: “The terrorist enemy and after June 10, 2014 used all the capabilities in the areas controlled by the civilian or government capabilities or military equipment, even food, for the purpose of supplying his military machine.” “The enemy was forcing the citizens to use their cars by force and force them to strike our fighters.” Dirty styles
He added that “the enemy and the result of the continuation of fighting and fighting began to feel hunger and horror and here began to change strategy for the first time in the battle,” pointing out that “persons (militants ideologues) elements of the terrorist organization began to leave their car bombs and fleeing from the battlefield and this is a positive sign, “When the organization loses a battle, it starts using all existing resources, burning the citizens’ homes to create as much smoke as possible against the planes,” Jawdat said. “The terrorist organization has robbed all civilian life, either men or Women”.
“The security forces are leading a large number of people in front of them to another area,” Jawdat said, adding that “the elements of the organization are leading large numbers of citizens under the blaze of bullets to prevent them from going to the security services.” That “the organization” calling “includes people who are extremists and homosexuals and intellectuals of society and do not carry only the thought of crime,” explaining that “our security and intelligence agencies have found documents and documents and a large number of names and nationalities that confirm this.” “The people of Nineveh, with the security services and the news of the Da’ash centers, have had a great impact on the fact that our strikes are very accurate and effective in the enemy,” said Jawdat. “The plan of joint operations includes preserving as much of the lives of civilians as possible. Used by the enemy as human shields, “asserting that” our duty is to remove these shields from the enemy, especially in the old city, which contains alleys and streets very narrow. “

Human shields
In turn, said the commander of Nineveh operations, Major General Najm Jubouri: “The more the military operations forward, the area of ​​the battle narrowed the number of population confined and taken as human shields by the organization” calling “with all horror,” pointing out that “the organization puts citizens in the vaults and locks them where “The security forces are currently working as a skilled surgeon, raising cancer from the body without harming the rest of the body, and this is the biggest challenge to the security forces.”
Jubouri said: “The organization” Dahesh “used all dirty methods and used the aggressors to blow them up against the heroes of the security forces,” noting that “our fighters did not shoot them and was holding many of them alive and dismantled the explosive belt,” and pointed out that ” The terrorist organization used young children and 16-year-olds as suicide bombers even in the final battles, and when fewer gunmen used women as suicide bombers. “
Al-Jubouri said that “this is an indication that the” dashing “has begun to lose its human resources,” pointing out that “the car bombs began to decrease as there were 70 car bombs today, but now with the progress of operations began to reduce resources in the day four or five cars at a higher limit, The commander of the operations of Nineveh that “the organization” Dahesh “ended militarily in Mosul,” stressing that “the remaining space has not more than 6 percent of the right coast of the city only.”

Edit تلعفر
And on the liberation of Tal Afar, said Jubouri: “Tal Afar completely isolated 360 degrees and our aircraft bomb almost daily elements of” dodging “who are currently within the judiciary,” pointing out that “a lot of foreign and local militants are trapped inside the judiciary, and I believe that the postponement of liberation is to fold the newspaper Mosul and end “First” and then go to Tal Afar, “adding that” all our efforts are currently on the city of Mosul as military forces. “
The commander of Nineveh operations, “Tal Afar is an unusual area, including the emergence of senior leaders, including (Abu Alaa), the right arm of the criminal (Baghdadi), in addition to many of the leaders of the organization that was leading the battle in Mosul is Tal Afar, A station between Iraq and Syria. “


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