Trump offers help after attacks in London and promotes the travel ban



– 6/4/2017 7:11:00 AM


Khandan- US President Donald Trump turned to Twitter after the London events to help introduce and promote Britain to ban the controversial travel and says that an additional level of security for Americans.

British police rushed to the incidents in central London after it ran over a truck passing on London Bridge and spoke ofreports of several incidents stabbed near the Borough Market area. Police announced that the two incidents terrorists.

Trump said in a tweet , ” the United States will do everything it can to provide assistance in London and the United Kingdom … We will be there, we are with you. Filiparkm God!”, According to “Reuters”.

He added in another tweet , “We need to show intelligence, alertness and intensity. We want to restore our courts , our rights. We want to travel an additional safety ban as a level!”.

The appeal comes Trump to impose a travel ban in the wake of the urgent request that the Supreme Court shall return the executive order , which would deprive people from entering the United States from six countries predominantly Muslim. Courts have been hampered by a lower this.

Condemned the US State Department said in a statement what it described as “cowardly attacks against innocent civilians , ” Trump reiterated its readiness to provide any assistance requested by the British authorities.

Said Heather Noert , spokeswoman for the ministry in a statement , “All Americans are in solidarity with the people of the United Kingdom.”

Said Sean Spicer , spokesman for the White House on Twitter The national security team US President Donald Trump briefed him on the London Bridge incident in Britain, said the national security team will continue to provide the latest reports to the president.

The Foreign Ministry said it is also closely monitoring the situation in London and advised US citizens in Britain , taking into account the advice of local authorities and to maintain security vigilance.

He says the US president, said that there is a need for the travel ban to protect Americans from terrorist attacks. Critics say the flawed logic and violently attacking the ban and describe him as a racist.

On Thursday, his legal team demanded the Supreme Court to allow the implementation of the Executive Order issued on the sixth of March , immediately despite the lower stop this court. The Supreme Court rarely agree to emergency requests.


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