The counterterrorism commander sees two options for “calling” the old Mosul and vowing to kill his last

Editor Mustafa Saad – Sunday 4 June
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The head of the counter-terrorism team, Lieutenant-General Abdul Ghani al-Asadi, on Sunday, two options for the militants, “Dahesh” in Mosul, the old, threatening to kill the last elements of the organization in the city, as revealed efforts to introduce “lessons derived” from the battles fought by the device in military training institutes.

Al-Asadi said in an interview for the program “Sahour Iraqi” broadcast by Alsumaria, “The Almohash put themselves in a position do not envy him and now they have only two options, not two, either surrender or death bad,” noting that “our pieces stand on the outer fence of the old city, Our accounts will be settled with these bastards. “

He added that “if Mosul was free of civilians, the liberation of the right and left coasts would have been completed by less than a month, but we have sought to preserve the citizens, which delayed the process.”

In a related context, al-Asadi said that “the battles fought by the anti-terrorist apparatus are many and we will come out with lessons that are the conclusion of the positive factors in which we won the battle to document and enter into our training institutes.”

Iraqi forces have been fighting for seven months in the Nineveh province to liberate them from the grip of the organization “Daash,” and achieved significant progress that led to the liberation of the left coast of Mosul and the most parts of the right coast.


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