The counterterrorism commander sees two options for “calling” the old Mosul and vowing to kill his last

Editor Mustafa Saad – Sunday 4 June
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The head of the counter-terrorism team, Lieutenant-General Abdul Ghani al-Asadi, on Sunday, two options for the militants, “Dahesh” in Mosul, the old, threatening to kill the last elements of the organization in the city, as revealed efforts to introduce “lessons derived” from the battles fought by the device in military training institutes.

Al-Asadi said in an interview for the program “Sahour Iraqi” broadcast by Alsumaria, “The Almohash put themselves in a position do not envy him and now they have only two options, not two, either surrender or death bad,” noting that “our pieces stand on the outer fence of the old city, Our accounts will be settled with these bastards. “

He added that “if Mosul was free of civilians, the liberation of the right and left coasts would have been completed by less than a month, but we have sought to preserve the citizens, which delayed the process.”

In a related context, al-Asadi said that “the battles fought by the anti-terrorist apparatus are many and we will come out with lessons that are the conclusion of the positive factors in which we won the battle to document and enter into our training institutes.”

Iraqi forces have been fighting for seven months in the Nineveh province to liberate them from the grip of the organization “Daash,” and achieved significant progress that led to the liberation of the left coast of Mosul and the most parts of the right coast.


Joint operations talk about the “battle” expected and preparations for the declaration of “Iraqi Victory Week”


Editor Mustafa Saad – Sunday 4 June 2017 00:18
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The Joint Operations Command expected Sunday to take part in a “media battle” after the restoration of control of the city of Mosul from the grip of the organization “Daash,” confirming the existence of censorship of the media during the military operations, while referring to the near declaration of “Week of the Iraqi victory” after the liberation of the city.

The spokesman for the command Brigadier Yahya Rasool said in an interview for the program “Sahour Iraqi” broadcast by Alsumaria, “There are areas fell media without a fight and we face this media significantly,” pointing out that “there is a decline in the media, but still has the possibility of portraying the defeat as Victory”.

“Yes, no channel can enter the battlefield until the Joint Operations Command and the Military Information Cell have agreed,” Rasoul said. “We have dealt with the media in every way. Professional and our mission to liberate the land of Mosul. “

Rasul pointed out that “several international conferences have been held with the participation of experts in psychology and media, in order to prepare for the media battle after the expulsion of elements calling the terrorist from Iraqi territory,” stressing that “there is a great effort being made in this area.”

He added that “the right coast is left with only a little thing, and after the announcement of victory by the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, there will be a week for the great Iraqi victory to liberate Mosul dear.”

Iraqi forces have been fighting for seven months in the Nineveh province to liberate them from the grip of the organization “Daash,” and achieved significant progress that led to the liberation of the left coast of Mosul and the most parts of the right coast.

Parliamentary Integrity: more than 6 billion dollars smuggled abroad have not recovered for this reasonParliamentary Integrity: more than 6 billion dollars smuggled abroad have not recovered for this reason

BAGHDAD / Press tomorrow: A commission of parliamentary integrity, on Saturday, the presence of more than $ 6 billion, smuggled Iraqi funds abroad at the time of the former regime, stressing that there are many problems in front of recovery. 

The committee member said Friday Bahadli for “Tomorrow ‘s Press,” that “there is a committee of the Parliamentary Integrity Commission and the Integrity Commission and the State Department and the National Security and Intelligence, as well as inspectors foreign general intelligence , ” explaining “mission follow – up to Iraqi funds smuggled the era of the former regime.”

He added, “There are approximately 6 billion and a half billion dollars, Iraqi funds smuggled abroad at the time of the former regime.” 

He Bahadli to, ” The committee submitted a report to the Presidency of the Parliament last year, which in turn hosted representatives of foreign intelligence and finance , ” noting that ” the committee in charge of following up the money smuggled abroad has completed its duty and brought books to the competent authorities.” 

And between, “There are some Arab and foreign countries are reluctant to recover money for Iraq, because some of them registered under false names in the former regime.” 

The Iraqi Council of Representatives formed a specialized committee to recover smuggled money in the time of Saddam Hussein, but the committee did not recover anything despite the $ 20 million allocated to it.

Joint operations to prevent the fighting and broadcast a Kurdish channel cancels authorization

History of edits:: 2017/6/3 17:38 

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} prevented the leadership of joint operations on Saturday, broadcast battles waged by the people of direct armed khat, while canceled authorization Kurdish channel.

The leadership in a statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} that ” is strictly prohibited direct transport while covering battles any way media movement is directly stopped and take legal action against the staff with the abolition of the authorization and prevent them from entering the cutter operations are coming Aaninoy.” 

“The leadership decided to cancel the authorization Rudaw channel and remove them immediately , ” the definitive operations, “pointing out that” media managers in leadership and teams bear legal responsibility in the event that any channel direct broadcast except the Iraqi channel of what caused the direct transport of damage through Astmkan to our units . because of the damage inflicted on fighters during the battles. ”

Map .. popular crowd governs the ring on Baaj by 75%

History of edits:: 2017/6/3 15:19 

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} forces tightened the popular crowd on Saturday, the military cordon on the Baaj district west of Mosul city by 75%.

According to media popular crowd in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today that “our forces tightened the military cordon on the Baaj district of the three axes of the north and south and east by 75% and keeps them away from the center about 10 km.” 

He added that “our forces seek to secure west axis of the connector to complete the encirclement process Baaj completely. ” 

The statement noted that “our troops and the support of the army aviation continues to advance within the second page of the operations of the Messenger of Allah Muhammad {2} until the achievement of its goals” .anthy

The decline of areas of control calling the Mosul and Iraqi forces advancing towards the remaining neighborhoods

By Rudao 3 hours ago

Roudao monitors the developments in the battle of Mosul

Roudao – Mosul

On Saturday, June 3, 2017, Iraqi forces continued their march towards the liberation of neighborhoods still under the control of the “Islamic State” organization on the right side of Mosul, amid the retreat of the areas under armed control.

With the restoration of the neighborhood of “First Health”, there is no left to exist in the western side of Mosul, only in the second health, healing, Znjili and parts of old Mosul.

The Iraqi army’s air force bombed three sites of Daish in Zanjili district, and the International Coalition destroyed a car bomb factory on the right side, said a reporter for the Rwandan media network in Mosul.

Roudao correspondent reported the killing of 49 gunmen from Daqash in the health district in addition to the killing of 250 members of the organization and the destruction of 70 car bombs during eight days of fighting, according to Iraqi military officials.

The correspondent of Rudao that Iraqi forces arrested the Assistant Minister of Health organized a calligrapher, and redrawn its plan to restore the old Mosul area.

He added that armed men are trying to block the progress of Iraqi forces where they launched attacks with 9 car bombs, and the organization continues to target civilians, where 100 civilians were killed by sniper fire on the right side of Mosul during the past days.

Iraqi forces have been waging a massive military operation since last October to expel Saddam from Mosul, Iraq’s last major stronghold.

Iraqi forces recaptured the eastern half of the city in January and have been fighting since February to wrest the western half.

Editing: شونم عبدالله خوشناو

Russian Oil Giant Expanding Its Footprint in Kurdistan Region

Russian Oil Giant Expanding Its Footprint in Kurdistan Region

ISTANBUL — Rosneft, the Russian government majority-owned oil company, is expanding its footprint in the Kurdistan Region with the signing of a new cooperation deal this week.

The cooperation agreement which was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq Nechirvan Barzani as well as Rosneft’s Chief Executive Officer Mr Igor Sechin and Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Minister of Natural Resources Ashti Hawrami on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, which took place earlier this week, is for the exploration of five blocks. The blocks are said to have “substantial geological potential.”

The agreement also oversees the “establishment of a joint venture for implementation of the long-term contract related to infrastructure systems in Iraqi Kurdistan. Rosneft will get access to the major regional transportation system with the throughput capacity of 700 thousand bbl per day, which is planned to be expanded up to 1 million bbl per day by the end of 2017,” stated the Rosneft press release.

According to the Russian oil giant, the Kurdistan Region is “one of the most promising regions of the developing global energy market,” with the expected recoverable reserves in the order of 45 billion bbl of oil and 5.66 trillion m3 of gas, as per Kurdistan Region’s Ministry of Natural Resources estimates.

“The KRG welcomes these agreements which build on the mutually beneficial relationship established with Rosneft earlier this year, and we look forward to increased cooperation,” remarked Hawrami.

A purchase deal for 2017-2019 between the two sides was signed earlier this year in February.

During the past three years, the Kurdistan Region began to export crude oil independently of Baghdad.  Previously, any such sales had to be authorized by the central government of Iraq. However, as the KRG was not getting its share of Iraq’s budget revenue it commenced to sell oil independently.