Military leaders affirm Mosul near the Emancipation Proclamation

04/06/2017 1:50
Baghdad / Al- Sabah 

told the Federal Police team leader Raed Shakir Jawdat , commander of Nineveh operations Maj . Gen. Najim al – Jubouri the ugliness as pursued by “Daesh” terrorist organization against civilians from the people of the city of Mosul, while confirmed near the end of the battle to liberate the city from the grip of the terrorist organization and final. 

Team Raed Shakir Jawdat said during a joint press interview with Maj . Gen. Najim al – Jubouri: ” The terrorist enemy and after June 10, 2014 , use all the capabilities in the areas controlled by both civilian capabilities or government or military equipment even food for the purpose of supplying the war machine , ” noting that ” the enemy was forcing citizens to use civilian cars and Afajkhha by force to attack our fighters.” Dirty methods

and added Jawdat, that ” the enemy and as a result of continued fighting and fighting began to feel hungry and horror here began to change his strategy for the first time in the battle , ” pointing out that “people (armed ideologues) of the elements of the terrorist organization began leaving their car bombs and fleeing from the battlefield and this is a positive indicator “, the team Jawdat explained that the ” organization “Daesh” and while losing any battle begin using all existing resources, where burning houses to form the largest possible cloud of smoke against the drones , “he said, adding that” the terrorist organization robbed all civil life , whether men or women. ”

He continued Jawdat: “Whenever advancing security forces , leading militants” Daesh “citizens are very large numbers in front of them to another area , ” explaining that ” the elements of the organization are leading large numbers of citizens under the roar of bullets for the purpose of preventing them from going to the security services,” and refers federal police chief to ” the organization” Daesh “includes people who extremists and homosexuals and Mnhrvi society do not hold only the thought of crime , ” explaining that “our security and intelligence found documents and very large and gripping numbers of titles and nationalities that confirm this.” The Panel finds Jawdat, that ” the people of Nineveh continue with the security services and news about the centers” Daesh “had a footprint of that our strikes are very accurate and influential in the enemy,” pointing out that “joint operations plan that includes maintaining the largest possible lives of civilians who the enemy uses them as human shields , “asserting that” our duty is to remove these shields from the enemy, especially in the old city , which contains the alleys and streets are very narrow. ” Human shields in turn , said the commander of Nineveh operations Maj . Gen. Najim al – Jubouri: It is ” the more advance military operations forward narrowing of the battle area of the center of the population is trapped and adopted as human shields by organizing” Daesh ” with all the ugliness , ” pointing out that ” the organization puts citizens in basements and closed where they began expanding horror heavily on them, “al – Jubouri and pointed out that” the security forces are currently working as a skilled Kjerah raises cancer of the body without hurting the rest of the members of the body, and this is the biggest challenge for security forces. ” Jubouri said: ” The organization” Daesh “used all the dirty methods used dumb people to blow them up against the heroes of the security forces , ” adding that “our fighters they refuse to shoot them were caught many of them and they are alive were dismantled the explosive belt”, and pointed out that ” the terrorist organization used children and young boys in the age of sixteen suicide bombers until the final battles, and when fewer armed men used women as well as suicide bombers. ” He said Jubouri that “This is a sign that” Daesh “began to lose its human resources”, pointing out that “car bombs began less than where it was in the day seventy car bomb , but now with the progress of operations began scarce resources in today ‘s four or five cars at a higher” the commander of Nineveh operations and stressed that the “organization” Daesh “military ended in Mosul , ” asserting that ” the remaining space has no more than 6 percent of the right coast of the city only.” Editor of Tal Afar , and on the liberation of Tal Afar, al – Jubouri said: “Tal Afar is completely isolated 360 – degree planes almost pounding daily elements” Daesh “who are currently within the judiciary,” pointing out that ” a lot of foreign militants and local are trapped inside the judiciary, and I believe that the postponement of editing is folding dish Mosul and an end to “Daesh” by the first and then go to Tal Afar , “and added that” every effort is currently on the city of Mosul , a military Kqguat. ” He continued the commander of Nineveh, that “Tal Afar , an unusual area, including the great leaders have emerged and of them (Abu Ala) , which is the right arm of the criminal (al – Baghdadi), in addition to many of the leaders of the organization that was leading the battle in Mosul is one of Tal Afar, as well as that Tal Afar was Station between Iraq and Syria. ”


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