Joint Operations: Next page of the old Mosul and Nuri Mosque will be a different tactic and style (details)


03-06-2017 02:45 PM


Baghdad News –

The spokesman for joint operations Brigadier Yahya Rasool, on Saturday, close to the start of a new military page in the direction of Mosul, including the old mosque and Nuri al-Huda, indicating that the security forces will use a different method in the process expected.
Rasul said in a press statement that ‘the federal police forces continue in the process of progress in the Zanjili district, which controls large parts of it,’ noting that ‘the army forces are also continuing in the incursion and progress in the Shifa and Republican Hospital and also control large parts of it.’
He added that the ‘Nuri Mosque and the humpback are within the old Mosul area and are completely surrounded and are targeting elements of the terrorist organization,’ revealing the ‘near the launch of a new military page after the liberation of the neighborhoods of Shifa and Zanzili towards the storming and liberation of the old city of Mosul’.
“The next page will be a different tactic and style from the past, by relying on the pieces of the foot, because the area is old is not suitable for the advancement of wheels and military vehicles because the branches narrow and adjacent in addition to the momentum of population.

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