Iraqi forces: the announcement of a week of the Iraqi victory soon and in front of “dashing” two options in Mosul


Published : 03.06.2017 | 22:17 GMT |

Last Updated: 03.06.2017 | 22:18 GMT | Arab World News

Iraqi forces: the announcement of a week of the Iraqi victory soon and in front of

Iraqi forces bombard sites of “Daash” in the southwestern outskirts of Mosul

The Joint Operations Command announced the imminent announcement of what it called the “Iraqi Victory Week” after the liberation of the entire city of Mosul from the grip of the “Daash” organization.

The spokesman for the command Brigadier Yehia Rasool said in an interview for the “Sahour Iraqi” program, which was broadcast by “Alsumaria News” that “the right coast left only a little thing,” adding: “After the announcement of victory by the commander of the armed forces there will be a week of the great Iraqi victory Edit the dear connector “.

For his part, the commander of the anti-terrorism apparatus, Lieutenant General Abdul Ghani al-Asadi, the options of the militants “dashing” trapped in Mosul to an old, threatening to kill the last elements of the organization in the city.

Al-Asadi said in an interview for the same program that “the da’wah put themselves in a position that they are not afraid of, and now they have only two options, no more than either surrender or death,” pointing out that “our pieces stand on the outer fence of the old city. “He said.

“If Mosul were free of civilians, the liberation of the left and right sides would have ended in less than a month, but we sought to preserve the citizens, which led to delaying the process,” al-Asadi said, adding that ” .

Since 17/10/2016, the Iraqi army has been carrying out Operation Ninawa, supported by Kurdish Peshmerga forces, popular mobilization units, clan buildup and international coalition aircraft, with the aim of liberating Mosul from the control of Da’ash.

After recovering from the eastern side of the city of Mosul, Iraqi forces began on February 19 storming the western side of the city, which is the main stronghold of the organization, amid reports of heavy casualties among the local population.

Source: Alsumaria News

Rifat Suleiman

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