President Masoum visits the Baghdad Operations Headquarters and meets with its commander and senior officers in the command



Date Posted 02/06/2017 12:52 PM

Iraqi President Fuad Masum inspected the headquarters of the Baghdad Operations Directorate where he was received by Baghdad Operations Commander Major General Jalil al-Rubaie and senior officers in the command.

President Masoum held a meeting with the officers of the leadership, stressing the necessity of concerted efforts of all in the interest of ensuring the security and protection of citizens in the capital Baghdad, depending on the development of intelligence effort and the performance of checkpoints and strengthen cooperation between the security services and citizens.

He praised the efforts exerted by the Baghdad Operations Command to prevent the remnants of terrorists from carrying out their criminal schemes against defenseless civilians, stressing the need to expand proactive measures to attack terrorist hideouts.

In his turn, the commander of the Baghdad Operations briefed the leadership on the plans of the leadership and its daily activities aimed at activating and developing the capability of the security services of all types in order to carry out the tasks entrusted to them to the fullest. He expressed thanks to President Masum for this visit and his continued support for the leadership efforts.


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