Our troops are approaching the resolution of the battle of Mosul


06/03/2017 0:00

The crowd achieves important military achievements on the Iraqi border – Syria
freed the first health district and penetrated into Zndjeli and healing .. and killed terrorist leaders
Mosul / morning
approached our heroine of «declaration of thehour of victory» in the city of Mosul, especially after its liberation first health district, anincursion deep into the neighborhood Zndjeli and control over 40 percent of it, as well as achieving progress strategically important in healing Ayman al- Mosul neighborhood, during the battles , which also witnessed the incurrence gangs «Daesh» heavy losses consisted of killing the most prominent leaders of that organization, and the last of the so – called «calculation official» and his deputy
Those victories coincided with the popular crowd forces win an important achievement, representing the liberation of a border port with Syria and progress towards another port is the most important supply lines «Daesh» Home.
Near the «declaration of the hour of victory» is also confirmed by the international coalition led by the United States, who pointed out that the Iraqi forces approaching liberation last areas controlled by the «Daesh» praising the care of our forces to protect civilians and the opening of safe corridors for Hm.oukalt federal police headquarters saidin a statement on Friday : the «Federal police continue to provide caution and imposed control over 40 percent of the Zndjeli neighborhood», adding that «our special forces bombed the headquarters of « Daesh »missiles and mobile launchers that led to thekilling of 12« Daashaa »including Arab
For its part, the defense ministry said in a statement on Friday: The «Pieces Armored Division ninth continuous PDC dens of terrorists and defeat them, as the pieces of a large operation, launched to liberate the healing neighborhood in the right side of the city of
In progress impressively operations «Muhammad is the Messenger of God II» popular crowd forces managed to break the first line to block the organization «Daesh» and edit aborder port with Syria west Baaj, and continue to progress to edit another border port is the most important terrorist organization between the supply lines of Iraq
and Syria.


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