Map .. receding control Daesh Ayman Mosul


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News showed the latest map of the province of Nineveh, the expansion of land liberated by the security forces from the control Daesh terrorist gangs.
The map shows the war published in the media cell that, on Friday, the remainder of editing operations right coast from the city of Mosul.
The security expert Hisham al – Hashemi, said today’s {Euphrates News} that ” the old neighborhoods of Mosul , or the old city , which is still , however Daesh, as well as the hospital area and the stock market recovery, and Bab Sinjar and part of Zndjeli is 36 locality.”
He noted that, “mentioned shops located approximately ten kilometers in the only area from all directions.”
According to Hashemi, the neighborhoods that are still waiting for liberation, is the “locality of healing, and the locality of Katunah, and the locality of the Ahmadiyya {Jews previously}, as well as the locality of Sheikh Fathi, and the locality of viewing, and the locality of Khazraj, bathroom carved, and the door of the mosque, and the locality of a mosque Jamshid, and the locality of Abdukhop, In addition to the locality iRONS, the head of the furnace, and the field. ”
He also still , however Daesh, each of the “locality in front of Abraham, and the door of the Prophet, the Great Mosque, and the Board of ous – Jawlaq, locality Uncle Grocer, monsters Khan, and Bab Al- Saray, in addition to the door of bricks, Sheikh Omar, and the Mosque of Khuzam and Aserjkhanh, locality Alrabaah and Mayassa, and Almhmoudian. ”
Al Hashimi ” In addition, there are 10 other shops waiting to provide security forces to release Ayman Mosul, the locality of the eastern white door, and the locality of Mansuriyah, and the locality of the month of the market, and the locality of Imam Aoun religion, Sheikh Abul – Ela, and the locality of Sheikh Mohammed, and Bab Lagash, as well as the locality of the small market, and the locality of the new door, arch “.anthy

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